Fill Your Nitrous Tanks, EA Has The Need To Reboot Need For Speed

Need for Speed…

That name takes me way back.

I’ve always been partial to racing games, maybe it had to do with the fact that the first video game I ever played was Lego Racers. I don’t know, but what I do remember is going to school every day, coming home, and waiting until my father was done working for the day so I could use his laptop to play one game:

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2.

That game took up a large part of my childhood, and the game being different on the PC and PS2 versions, I had hours upon hours of high-speed, traffic weaving, cop chasing, action that never ceased to make me smile from the sheer fun of it all.

Yes, I do love the Need for Speed series, which is why I’m excited to bring you this bit of news today,

EA and Ghost Games has just revealed the next Need for Speed: Need for Speed (2017). Yeah, that’s the name at this point, but I’m thinking it’ll change with time. We don’t have much information as of right now, but we do have a post by Ghost Games featuring an image of a motel with the date June 2nd under it:

Where is this motel? Well, I can only imagine that it’s near some kind of canyon because that’s where this game is going to take place. You’ll have to twist and turn through the rocks and sometimes take to hitting jumps to get ahead or leave those cops in the dust. In the shot as well is a Nissan 350z which is going to be in the game judging by how it’s in the shot. Here’s a better look at what the car actually looks like:

Pretty cool car. Of course, it looks better with the spoiler.

So, June 2nd, huh? What’s going to happen on that date? Well, I’m thinking they’re probably going to release a trailer with more information, hopefully, a release date, maybe some gameplay, oh, how the waiting game is tough.

On to the post though, Ghost Games began their post by thanking the fans for their passion about the previous game in 2015. They said they appreciated the feedback, and it played a key part in how they developed this game. Then they got right into how car customization is going to be a big part of this game, “Customization, we love it, you love it, everyone loves it. What’s not to love? Rest assured that we’re committed to customization having a home within the Need for Speed series.” they went on to say that it won’t be going away anytime soon. I’m glad they’re putting a focus on customization, I mean, who doesn’t want to soup up their car to the max, put a bunch of crazy s**t all over it, paint it a menacing color, and rip up roads everywhere. Having the power to make a car your own while simultaneously unlocking new parts that either look better or make the car faster, it’s like a freaking RPG over here. That’s what keeps people playing.

Moving on to the section about cops, hoo boy they’re making it sound enticing: “There’s nothing more satisfying than getting into a cop chase and feeling the heat on your tail as you tear it up through the city. Cops in pursuit, racers up ahead and then out of nowhere BAM! They bring a Rhino to a street race.” Well, enticing may be too much. I mean, I believe that they’re going to do all this, but it’s been done before. There’s only so much you can do to pump enough steroids into a cop chase to make it insane enough to brag about. But this game being set in a canyon, I can see how they might put some interesting pathways for you to take, most of them including air-time.

The last part of the article addressed something that the community feels kind of strongly about, the idea of an “always online” game.

Ghost said that there will be the online gameplay, but there will also be a single-player option that you can play and actually pause the game when you pause the game. Thus the problem with always online games, you can’t pause everyone, so you can’t pause at all. The reboot in 2015 was a little less than successful. But with the “always online” mode being addressed, that will cover most of the complaints that were made about this game.

But seriously, they’ve gotta add manual transmission. Automatic is such a hand-hold.

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  1. Honestly I liked the fact that I wasn’t driving a v8 or v10 super car. I like underground for their cars and the whole style. Most wanted nailed game play they did have some super cars but it wasn’t crazy. Carbon was also fun. Last good nfs was undercover. The car controls were really fun. I just found that when playing it I was staring at my mini map cause the road ahead looked like it was going straight but instead it was turning.


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