Evolve Divergent Strategies: Speed and Third Evolution

wraith stage 3
There is no need to beat a dead horse and say that Evolve takes a wonderfully new strategic and addictive angle on the traditional shooter genre—with nine skill points possibly allocated within twelve different skill point slots, your choice of nine pre-game stat perks, and a second perk if you happen to come across elite wildlife, the variance in strategy is enormous.
From the midnight drop until now, Evolve has sapped over 100 hours of my life, and that’s only in the monster category. Mainly because I had watched so much pre-hype, I had a difficult time breaking out of the traditional archetypes when I entered a monster game. Even when I watch streamers now, most people take the same approach to each monster before they realize it’s predictable. Boringly predictable.

Goliath beats anything and everything to a pulp—zero regard for health bars, this beast takes down a few small animals, proceeds to attack whatever it wants, and if haphazardly caught in the wrong place, wins the game just by being an armored brute even at stage one.

Kraken flies around, ignoring what goes on below and leaving tracks everywhere for the hunters to follow. Drops a few banshee mines here and there, throws a vortex back at the hunters, continues to fly away until stage three, whereupon lightning bolts single out the weak and aftershocks come snapping in close-quarter confrontations, decimating entire teams.

Wraith lurks in the shadows, sends out decoys, and sneaks around until being caught. Guerrilla tactics are implemented, and the hit and run stealthy style becomes high risk, high reward. If Wraith can manage to keep health until stage three, it’s one hell of a fight to the death, and probably going to be lengthy.

If you’re having a difficult time getting to that final evolution, try the movement speed perk on for size.

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