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There’s actually not much we know about the development of this game, save that it was in development for about six years and started off as an Xbox 360/PS3 game. Yeah, starting development in 2008, it was originally going to be on the last gen systems, but as the game became more fleshed out, time passed, and it just made more sense to switch focus on the next gen systems (Xbone, PS4). That was probably the better choice anyway, seeing as how the final game was actually pretty huge and graphically intense (well…after a few updates) it would have been pretty stupid to have the thing running on hardware that was then almost a decade old at the time of its release.

There were three betas that were held separately a number of months before its release in December 2014, two of them being closed and held during the summer, and the third being open one month before. All the betas limited the amount of content available, like cars, missions, and map size.

The Story

Alex Taylor is a street racer who loves running around Detroit stirring up trouble. His brother, Dayton, is the leader of a local chapter of the 5-10s, a nation-wide racing league. You start the game right off as Alex driving through streets and fields outside the city trying to lose the cops. After you get past that, you meet up with Harry, your mechanic friend, who tells you that Dayton wants to see you. He gives you a car and you’re off to see your brother.

When you pick him up, he tells you to drive him to a spot where he meets a lower rank racer nicknamed “Shiv” (already a good sign). He actually then shoots Dayton and leaves behind the gun and Alex to get picked up by the cops and get arrested.

Alex spends five years in prison for the wrongful conviction of killing his brother, until Zoe, a fed, comes to him with a proposition: get released from prison, and help them track down the real killer and the man responsible for leading him, FBI Agent Bill Coburn. That’s where the game actually starts.

You then go around America, racing 5-10s, working your way up the ranks, trying to get to Shiv and Coburn to take them down. Along the way, you gain valuable allies (Computer hacker Roxanne, Shiv’s ex Alita, ex-pro racer Vincent) and reunite with Harry too. Needless to say, you take them both down, and you even find the true meaning of family through the crew (heh) you gathered along the way.

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