Everything We Know About Portal 2!

Half Life 3 may never come out,

but we have what is an amazing library of games developed by Valve. In fact, I want to go over one of those games now, so here’s

Everything we know about Portal 2

The story takes place quite some time after the events of the first Portal, and if you ever looked at the comic that was put out before this game, it shows exactly what happened between the end of Portal, and the beginning of Portal 2.

You start off as Chell in a relaxation chamber. You awaken first after 50 days in suspension, you do a few things to make sure you still have control over everything, and you go under again. This time you awaken many many¬†many years later to discover that all the chambers have gone offline and you’ve been in suspension for a ridiculously long time. Wheatley, a funny little British robot, comes to your door and explains that you have to come with him. He starts moving the chamber and eventually you end up back in the main testing chambers in the facility, except they’re all crumbling and overgrown with plants. You go for a while until you find the portal gun, from there you meet up with Wheatley and go on.

Eventually, you get to GLaDOS’ chamber, the place where you killed her in the first game. Wheatley guides you to the controls so you can get out of the facility, but he mistakenly wakes up GLaDOS, and the testing begins.

Glados¬†breaks Wheatley and then starts to put you through the old testing regiment like the old times. Will you escape the facility once more? Can you and Wheatley beat the machine that did it all? (I know you’ve all played this game, but this is purely for informational purposes. I had to include the story.)


The gameplay mirrors the first portal in that you go through testing chambers with a gun that shoots portals, you must solve the puzzles and make it to the end of each chamber. It would be exactly the first Portal again if it weren’t for the new testing tools like the laser redirection cube, propulsion gel, a gel that lets you build up running speed, repulsion gel, a gel that rebounds you much like an aerial faith plate, and tractor beam. Like the first game, there are only certain surfaces that you can put portals on, which leads to creative solutions when anywhere outside of a testing chamber, or miles down into the Earth.

Valve also added in a little something that made the Portal 2 experience that much better: co-op play! That’s right, Valve created a whole list of puzzles to go through using the two co-op robots (Atlas and P-body) It’s like a side-campaign to the story, but at its core, it’s just a fun way to play Portal with a friend.

On the Steam Workshop you can create and share your own test chambers, this was added in as the Perpetual Testing Initiative. The initiative is explained as a test on parallel universes where the player is to design and play test chambers created in separate universes. There has been no other add-ons or DLC for Portal 2.


That is everything we know about Portal 2 in a condensed form.

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