Everything We Know About Fallout 4!

fallout 4

Oh, Fallout 4…

Fallout 4 is one of the most critically acclaimed games of the past couple years, surviving still today through the community of constantly updating and evolving mods being created for it.



Surprisingly enough, we don’t really know anything about the development of the game, aside from the fact that it was created using the Gamebryo engine which was used for Skyrim, rather than the Creation Engine which was used for both Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. Looking at those two previous games, it was probably a good decision on Bethesda’s part to switch engines, seeing as they look a lot alike, and more can be done with the Gamebryo engine mechanically and graphically.

The game was announced on June 3rd, 2015 after a countdown started the day before. When the countdown expired, the game’s website and trailer went live for people to see, the game went gold in late October and was released on November 10th of that year.

fallout 4


Though Fallout 4 holds most of the staple mechanics of the Fallout series, the game has differed greatly from the first two 3D games in that it graphically enhanced due to the game’s different engine, and the improved loot system which allowed players to hover over containers and pick up stuff inside without having to go to a loot menu which would have paused the game, leading to less fluidity in gameplay. Aside from that, the game also improved the dialogue system by first adding a player voice depending on the gender of the main character, and having the game switch to a cinematic third-person view each time the player entered a conversation with another NPC, it leads to more immersion while going through the story and side missions.

The companion system was also tweaked, having an incredible affinity system which really makes you consider your actions before you go and pickpocket the entire Brotherhood of Steel or steal everything right from under Diamond City’s nose. Followers can have opinions about you, and if you’re a really s****y person they will refuse to follow you and you’ll be permanently locked out of dialogue with them.

fallout 4

Rather, if you appease them, more dialogue option will unlock, maybe they’ll give you a special side mission to complete, and you might just get lucky with them…

Another great change was a more advanced character creation menu, allowing the player to basically ‘sculpt’ out the face of the character they wanted to play. Instead of only choosing from preset options and using sliders, players could use the mouse or controller to grab and move facial features to adjust them to their liking. They could also change the appearance of their spouse, which would stay constant despite not being the playable character. The couple’s baby would also take on key traits of the player and spouses appearances to be more immersive.

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