Enthusiast CPUs are Bull

I’m always going about my business on the internet when I see these things being advertised like they actually matter in this world.

Yeah, I’m talking about something so dumb and unnecessary¬†that It’s stupid to even have them on store shelves (as a figure of speech). Yes, these are:

Enthusiast CPUs

Of course, I would be game to buy one of these, despite how pointless I think they are. I love CPUs, I’ve had the same CPU in my computer since I built it two years ago now (my PSU, GPU, and mobo all got replaced at one year, I don’t have a clue as to why) and it being an i7 4790K, it should last a good 2 or 3 years before I should think about letting it go. At that point in time, I’ll remove it and frame it because there’s nothing that I like in a computer more than a processor.

I’m one of the people who these kinds of processors are made for, saps who love looking at any old piece of cool technology and who also spent the two weeks before his PC parts arrived to constantly research computer parts to put into other builds. With these people, there’s a grand sort of satisfaction you can get from making your computer the fastest you can, it feels better than crack. If there’s another level of power that we can achieve, we will achieve it, no matter how pointless it is.

That’s right, I said that these processors are pointless, and I’ll tell you why. It’s the same reason I’ve managed to keep the same processor in my computer while replacing the other parts, because¬†CPUs aren’t terribly important. It’s true, there is a point at which a CPU will never be taxed again with even the strongest games, my CPU doesn’t even go above 40% most days because it’s so powerful it’s essentially overkill. These processors are called¬†enthusiast for a reason, there’s little to no benefit to having one of these, so you’ve got to have a passion for the hardware in order to actually feel like you got your money’s worth.

Building a computer, you learn a few things. And one of those things is that the CPU is only one part of the computer, and although it is crucial in every way, it’s not like a GPU, it’s easier to get to that threshold. When building your own computer with a budget, you don’t really need more than a solid i5 in most cases, but if you have enough money then that’s cool. The parts to focus on would be the GPU definitely, make sure you have good RAM, and get a hard drive that won’t crap out in the first year, SSDs really make up for lack of storage with their massive speed, but it’s always good to have at least a TB for game storage.


Moral of the story: enthusiast CPUs are bullshit, and you should only buy one if you are a tech-obsessed moron like me. It’s hard to resist, but I’ve gotta make sure my wallet doesn’t suffer.

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