EA Responds To Madden NFL 15 TinyTitan Glitch

This glitch is hilarious and EA knows it! Most game developers try to sweep glitches and bugs under the rug and patch them as soon as possible but rather than rush and fix this glitch, EA has decided to embrace it and throw in a few points as well!

Source Photo: Challenge Tiny Titan in Madden Ultimate Team

The glitch, ironically named Tiny Titan, features player Christian Kirksey as a 1’2″ tall player. What does he have to say about it? See the video below:

If you want more on how you can use this glitch to your advantage, EA has stated that:

Madden Ultimate Team players can experience the Tiny Titan for themselves and net a few coins to help Collect, Upgrade and Dominate in Madden Ultimate Team. All you need to do is log into Madden 15 and look for the direct link to the Ultimate Teams Weekly Challenges.

See more about that here: EA’s TinyTitan Glitch announcement here.

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