Don’t Mess With Dad With A Lawnmower!

So when your Dad with a lawnmower tells you to get a job and stop playing video games all day and doing nothing you might want to listen to him.

This kid learns the hard way and then totally freaks out when his dad destroys his video game collection in the backyard.

You WILL laugh your a*s off on this one!

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  1. Honestly if he bought those games himself that’s really messed up that’s like taking 1000 dollars from your kid and running it over with a lawnmower

  2. That’s ridiculous, why would the dad do that?? I get he wants the son to get a job but still, those games probably costed a lot of money

  3. About 20-30 games look like they were destroyed so if they were brand new when they came out your looking at 60$ per game so that’s about 1200$-1800$ worth of games

  4. The dad destroyed about 1200$-1800$ worth of games there that really isn’t funny I get he wants his son to get a job but there are gaming tournaments that you can earn money from and it’s a lot of money too that you can earn from them too so I feel like the dad made a bad decision in destroying those games

  5. This is actually scripted. They have a whole mess of videos with these guys having dad destroy things. The tantrum is still hilarious though.


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