Don’t Hate Me Because I’m… NOT a boy!

Photo Source: Crazy Frog
Photo Source: Crazy Frog

In the spirit of all the craziness that happened this weekend, we are going to touch on a few great topics. It will be a fun filled adventure of pop news crossovers, political correctness, and getting rid of some antiquated stereotypes! So, lets wean out the cray shall we?

Let me start of by saying that I hope your Labor Day weekend was fun and not full of people exposing your private pictures all over the internet.

Hmmm… that was oddly specific“, you might say.
To which I would reply “Yes, it was a segway and COMPLETELY related to gaming, stay with me!

Do to some unfortunate hacking of private devices, a few celebrities did not have such luck. Nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, among a few others, were leaked online and the issue is currently being investigated with extreme seriousness.

Why am I mentioning this? Because the next article I read was about Anita Sarkeesian (A girl gaming vlogger) receiving death threats! arton14909-4b4c4[1]Now let me be clear, I’m not going to be expressing any opinions on her content in this article. I’ll let you decide if you agree with her or not. The point is not what her opinion is, it’s that she has one and she shouldn’t be tortured for it. Anita has received her share of trolling comments on YouTube which is expected with any popular vlogger but threatening her family just because she doesn’t share the same opinion is uncalled for and completely out of line.

Due to this recent threat, game developers have united to stop this hate and hurtful trolling with an open letter to the gaming community. Games are growing in popularity by the day, YOU love them, I love them; why shouldn’t they evolve into something that everyone can play? Developers have openly admitted to making politically incorrect jabs at females in the past and are constantly learning and bettering their games. Especially because the most recent studies show that women play games more than boys (I’ll give that a second to sink in)…

Yup! That’s right! Eye opener, right?? According to a survey put out by the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) the people who play the most games are women over 18 years old at 36%; followed by the 17% of boys 18 or younger. Why are haters “spitting fire” at Anita Sarkeesian for trying to point out some disrespectful gaming stereotypes?

Source Photo: More adult women play video games than teen boys — will the industry act accordingly?

The most awesome thing about video games is that you can actually connect with other people from ALL different walks of life; put aside all differences and have some fun! Gamers everywhere should unite at stop the hate and senseless trolling! I’m not saying a little game taunting and competitiveness isn’t fun, but do we have to alienate everyone who plays and has an opinion? GIRLS ARE GAMERS TOO! Women and girls aren’t just “pretty background objects” that can be disrespected and exposed; we should all do our part to make sure everyone’s basic human rights are protected.

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Would you take the pledge to stop hating and trolling?
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