Doki Doki Literature Club Ruined My Life

Doki Doki Literature Club ruined my day.

I don’t usually give a second thought to those Japenese comics, especially not when they’re in video game form. I don’t even know what to call Doki Doki, an interactive Japanese anime experience? (Apparently it’s just a visual novel as described by the god almighty Wikipedia).

Anyways, I didn’t even know this game existed before it started popping up everywhere. I asked my friend who’s an expert in the field and he said: “go play it, it’s free, why not?”. So I downloaded the game and commenced the “horror” that was sure to “scare me shitless” as one guy on Kotaku said.

First off, it’s not that scary.

But d**n is it the most depressing thing I’ve seen in a while. Doki Doki Literature Club takes anime waifus to the next level as you are a but a young lad in Japenese high school, so naturally your best friend is a cute anime girl in a school outfit (they call her Sayori) who comes running up to you before school to tell you that you need to join an after-school club because all you do is sit in your room and watch anime. But what’s more, she says that you should join the club she’s in: the Literature Club. Distraught from having to actually do something with his life, your character trudges over to where the Literature Club meets after school. As he walks into the room, it’s no surprise to anyone that the entire club consists of three other waifu school girls who all immediately decide they want to f**k you (named Natsuki, Yuri, and Monika).

What’s a lad to do in a land where every girl wants a piece of him? Well, luckily you have to option to choose through the poetry you write which girl will capture your heart. Unfortunately, the developers of the game didn’t make life that simple in the world of bucksome anime girls. The world is a dark place, and there are things that are out of the ordinary going on there. I’m not gonna spoil anything, there’s a lot that happens, and if you want to know the game is free so just go and download it already.

So what did I think of the visual novel?

God! It’s f****d! It’s definitely horror, but only after you trudge through about two hours of setup. The game is very slow to start, but they’ve got to set up a myriad of situations and backstory so you can come to really appreciate how it f***s with your mind. Events happen that will either leave you slumped in your chair or screaming at the screen “WHY THE F**K??”. Knowing me, you probably know which one my neighbors heard.

At first glance, these girls don’t seem like they have much to them other than they want a piece of you. But as you progress through the game and read the poetry they write, it’s really a window into something more sinister that’s going on in the game’s background (literally). You know what they say about talented writers, and the demons they have within. A person who can express their thoughts in the deepest of manners often has thought of them all too much. It’s all they can do to put it down on paper.

If you want a friendly pro tip that’s not really a spoiler, the game f***s with its own files. Check them out every so often, there are things you might want to look at.

All in all, Doki Doki was definitely an experience worth living through. Even if you’re like me and you’re not a weeaboo, it will keep you captivated until you figure out every last detail of what’s going on with the local Literature Club.

I give the game a hundred bananas.

Peace out.

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