Destiny Will Be Better On Playstation In This New Trailer

Playstation is trying to lock you down on getting all the exclusive content if you buy Destiny on the PS4 or 3. But here is the the thing, most likely you will be able to get the same upgrades as the PS version release but you’ll have to wait a few weeks or so before it comes available. So, I would not worry too much if you only one a 360 or Xbox One console you should be able to get same upgrades.


If you want the “ultimate” Destiny experience, you’ll need to play on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4. “Destiny Will Be Better On Playstation,” that’s the message Sony is trying to get across with a trailer released today that highlights the range of PlayStation-exclusive content for Bungie’s upcoming shooter.

Click here to see what Destiny’s PlayStation-exclusive content includes

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