Destiny 2?!

ARTICLE UPDATE 03/29/2017:
I’m Thinkin’ I Got This – Destiny 2 Teaser Trailer

Today is a happy day.

Today I get to talk about one of my favorite video games of all time!

Hold on, hold on now, before anyone yells at me for liking this game let me just say that I don’t ‘like’ Destiny,

I love it
But seriously, I do like Destiny. That’s why it excites me to see that Bungie is gearing up to reveal Destiny 2, they’re finally done enough with the first game for the past 2 and a half years. And by looking at the release date being this fall, it will come out almost exactly as Destiny turns 3 years old (Destiny was released September 9).

Earlier today, a Destiny 2 promotion poster from Italy was leaked where it showed the release date being Settembre 8 aka September 8 along with a really cool concept piece below it.

After that, Bungie made an official announcement that Destiny 2 is indeed coming this fall and it’s going to be a “full sequel” by Activision’s words.

Along with the announcement came some details about how certain things between Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 are going to work.

A source interviewing with Kotaku stated that this time around, planets aren’t just going to be semi-open-but-really-just-a-long-path-with-few-branches, they’re going to be full destinations. They will feature a much more expansive approach offering multiple outposts on a single planet with each outpost offering its own set of missions for you to do. When before planets just felt like missions were just on one winding path outside the map, now they will be something entirely more.

Here’s the interesting part, characters who are over level 20 and have completed the main story with the Black Heart WILL be able to be transferred to the next game. However, any weapons, items, emotes, hell, ANYTHING your character had, it’ll be gone in the new game. But this isn’t being done without reason, Bungie is saying that this will allow them to show players the new game and introduce them to all of the features and things they’ve changed and improved on since the first game. Your gear will still be in the old game, but in the new game you have to start over.

There are rumors going around that this will be the game that’s on PC too. Nothing’s been confirmed yet, but it would be awesome to play the game and not have to buy a whole console apart from my gaming computer to play it. But I feel that’s not the majority opinion, most people who play Destiny are more casual gamers who have a lot of fun playing it since it’s more of a casual game itself.

Now lets get to what is on everyone’s mind… The story read on below:

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