Destiny 2 Will be a Much Deeper Experience

I’ll keep making Destiny articles until the day I die…

…said the man who is going to be talking about Destiny 2 and more reasons how it’s going to be an improvement over its predecessor.

And this information came to light today in the form of a video put up by none other than IGN, the video featured the two project leads, Luke Smith and Tom Noseworthy, as they talked about their vision for the game over some cool montages of some actual gameplay. Check it out:

Ok, so the first thing that they said right out of the gate strikes a cord with me because it’s totally true…

Destiny 2 is a sequel

What does this mean? Well, while there were a large group of people who hated Destiny when it came out, a lot of people loved it and it still developed a large player base over its 3-year lifespan. You can have your own opinions about the game, but people did enjoy it. But the thing is, that’s what’s making it hard for Bungie to develop a sequel that’s good enough to please fans of the franchise, while also drawing new people into the universe they’ve been developing. Tom made a statement saying that whether you’re new to Destiny or returning for round two, you’re going to get something out of the game.

They’re making it a fresh start for everyone (hence the destruction of the Tower and all your loot). And while Destiny 2 is a sequel, it’s really only going to be in name only. Luke Smith went on to say how they had two paths they could take while developing this game, either take the events from the Taken King and elaborate on that, or make a new storyline that won’t confuse new players while still being satisfactory for returning players. Smith is calling the game an opportunity to bring new players into the world of Destiny, he wants everyone to be able to jump in and get really involved in the gameplay, the story, the lore (they were very adamant on that aspect). Unlike in the first Destiny which just provided you with the tools to go out and shoot things in a constant grind, Destiny 2 is a game which is trying to bring people back again and again, but in a different way. Which brings us to the next point they went over in this video,

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