Destiny 2: What Exactly Is The Light? Bigger Worlds & More…

I wish I could interview developers

But unfortunately, that job is best left to the bigger sources of gaming news, such as Kotaku.

Today, Kotaku released a video in which they interviewed Luke Smith, the director of Destiny, and asked him some questions we’re all thinking about.

Though some were left unanswered (like how the leveling system will work…c’mon…) Smith did provide some interesting insight into how exactly they’re executing Destiny 2 and the thought processes behind some of their design choices.

Hello, Darkness. My Old Friend….

The first Destiny mainly dealt with setting a premise, the Traveler, the Darkness, Guardians, but the one thing they never really fully explained was what exactly we were fighting in the game. I mean, we were told repeatedly throughout the short campaign that the Darkness came and destroyed the light, and that it was our destiny (*snort*) to protect the Last City and drive away the Darkness for good. But would you believe me if I said that…

Bungie doesn’t really know what the Darkness is?

Yeah, it’s true. They actually didn’t have a clear idea of what exactly the Darkness was representing when they made the first game. They just kind of mashed all the monsters into one category and labeled them as such, and didn’t really have any special idea as to what was behind it all. Having said that, you might expect me to tell you that Destiny 2 will include a backstory and such that will explain the Darkness, but that’s not going to happen.

But don’t get your panties in a twist, Smith stated that instead of focusing on the Darkness, this time around they will be telling the story of the Light. Meaning that Destiny 2 will explore what it really means to be born in the Light of the Traveler, and what it truly means to be a Guardian of it. While I’d like to hear about the dark forces we’re fighting, I guess it isn’t all bad that we’re seeing the other side of the world first, especially since we should get a coherent campaign explaining it. Unlike some games…(Dest-*cough*-iny *cough*).

A World of Difference

The worlds in the first game were kind of–no, really underwhelming for me. Bungie made them out to be these highly detailed worlds that you could just get lost in for hours on end. What they actually were was a semi-open environment that was mainly linear to encompass five or six individual missions. There was no real reason to go around and explore the areas because they were just full of enemies, and even if you found a chest with loot, you most likely wouldn’t get anything substantial enough to be proud of.

Smith acknowledged this and said that they’re changing that for the better. In the next game, they plan on making the terrain more ‘layered’ in terms of adding more areas to explore and adding reasons to explore them. Such as the new ‘Flashpoint’ encounters that highlight a specific part of a map and place enemies, treasure maps, and loot in that area. It’ll be an improvement over the current system which adds something you’ve gotta protect somewhere in the map at random points during the day while fighting off waves of enemies.

Oh yeah, and they’re going to be adding a map function that will allow you to actually reference the layout of the map you are on so you don’t have to always guess or memorize where everything is. Smith said that they’d rather have this in the game than have you have to go on Reddit or something to find it for yourself. It seems that this is a theme for Destiny 2 as they’re also adding the Guided Games function for Raids so you don’t have to go out and find an LFG lobby online and take time away from playing the game. Nice move on their part.

But is it an e-sport?

Smith said that they are not planning on adding a ranked PvP system at launch, but they are planning on doing something that will allow you to show off your skill in the future. And while it may not be ranked exactly, it will be something along the lines of it.

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  1. Glad Self Rez is gone. I was predicting it would.

    It breaks wipe mechanics and promotes a lazy way to play. Also a crutch. They are getting rid of the no revives in raids but I have a feeling they’ll be more mechanically driven or we’ll have a set number of revives, even in hard mode.

  2. Actually, if you listened to the interview, Smith DID NOT say ranked pvp was on a whiteboard somewhere. He said the idea of the ability to join up with multiple raid groups and attack an objective with many groups was on a whiteboard somewhere. Quit making fake quotes to fuel some skewed agenda. Smith said they have no intention of ever splitting the pvp scene into ranked vs un-ranked.

    • Ok, I can follow what you’re getting at. But, is this saying there will someday be ranked pvp, or is this saying there will be some way of showing you play a lot? I mean I’m reading that Smith believes there should be some way for pvp players to show their prowess, but he also says there is going to be some way for players to show they are veterans. I know the two don’t necessarily have anything to do with each other, but is he saying something more akin to simply being able to display your pvp stats in game the way some third party sites currently do for destiny 1? He doesn’t exactly come out saying some day there will be a pvp/ranked pvp split playlist.

    • A better example, I was reading the comments from another post regarding the veteran status for returning players. Someone had mentioned the possibility of a symbol beside your gamertag to let people know “hey, this dude has been there through it all”. I’m just wondering if they’re intending to do something similar for pvp versus a ranked playlist.

  3. Can’t wait for this, I wonder which class I will prefer this time round, I loved the warlock last time around, the nova bomb was awesome, or I like to call it, the spirit bomb lol I hope they keep that super too.

    • I loved my blade dancer, it looked so cool! A bit gutted they’ve swapped it out for a baton but I’ll try and hold judgement untill I’ve played! I’ve only just started focusing on my warlock and love the nova bomb, makes me think of old-school Dragonball Z xD

  4. No thanks. Waste of time and money if the first one had anything to say about this series. Bungie forgot that giving a d**n about their fans was what made them great. Now they’re worst than ubisoft. Pathetic

    • Tired of these little fan girl p*****s ruining the industry for everyone with their blind take my money logic. Then turning around and mocking the people intelligent enough to be upset with whats going on.

    • Nice try fan girl but it really isn’t. Every dlc dropped was hardly worth the money they wanted. They chopped up their game and sold incomplete sections under the premise of premium additional content. In some cases they barred you from previously playable portions of the game until you bought their nearly worthless sad a*s excuse for dlc. The reason most fans are p****d like me has nothing to do with bugs or lobby issues, but the way they were treated by bungie became outrageously unacceptable. So it seems your rebuttle is invalid how cute.

    • Hell ive been on other games for about a year now. I just enjoy rubbing the noses of them few cucks left that are actually looking forward to this games release into the s**t pile that was destiny 1. I find it hilarious if anything that fan girls can ruin an industry. Enjoy pay to win and pay to play game styles boys you enabled then to do so!

    • Actually, the game did get better. The main problem with destiny was releasing it on last gen. That’s why the game was so chopped up. The PS3 and the 360 couldn’t handle the full game. But in the long run, the game did get better, even with the chopped up DLC. No point in calling me a fangirl. I see the problems. I just choose to look past them because the game is actually pretty fun.

    • Yes it was, but moving to the xbone made the gameplay and experience way better. I didn’t mind paying the 60 for the entirety of the game again on the xbone. I’d say D2 will be a hell of a lot betrer than the first. My hopes are definitely high for it. It just won’t be the a*s crack that was year 1. Year 1 will always be the shittiest year.

    • Bungie are the cancer of the gaming world, the second one will just be a reskin of the first and it will be unfinished, they can’t get it right when they aren’t under pressure so I can assure you they won’t get it right now

    • Well dood if you do you’re homework you will know that Bungie have held their hands up and addressed how big a failure the launch was and the game got so much better with every DLC , they listen to the fans critique and maybe not everything will be perfect but what game is,
      Destiny 2 will be great and I’m looking forward to see what is gonna be like on PC

    • Well dood i did my homework and that’s called false information. Aside from your opinion of it getting better being completely subjective and in my case wrong, the only time i ever saw them listen to fans in D1 was to nerf weapons. Wow good work guys.

    • Destiny one was fun but so short and lacking in, in game story (grimoire though was a ball sack way of adding story).

      From what I’ve seen of d2 with adventures and lost areas it does appear that they have listened and only time can tell.

      I do think Activision have Bungies hands tied and are the real villain here.

    • People need to wake up and stop living in the past..every game oout now has you paying to win in some form or another and dlc rekeased in drabs over a year whilst a sequel is in development is again, just how it happens now…ide love a full game with no need for dlc or real world currency to buy weapons or in game currency, but its not 1990 anymore, this is how games will be. If its your hobby then you will pay for the extras, or..wait for the hype to die then buy the complete editions.

    • The witcher 3 didn’t have to do it. Saying that’s just how it is is the ONLY reason we have MORE companies attempting this sheisty tactic. Don’t be part of the problem if its truly your hobby I’d suggest being more proactive about who you choose to support as game developers.

    • Tbh I dont care who make the games, I never get to wttached to game companies, if the game rocks ill happily drop my dollar on it..its only a problem if your against it. I see no qualms about paying for extras whether it be in game currency, dlc or whatever.

    • See people forget that online games have always had DLC. Even back to the PSO and diablo days. Expansion packs. Limited items. Its just a bunch of whiney a*s little b*****s thinking they deserve s**t for free now a days. Grow up. Everything costs money. Same people b******g are the same f**k sticks playing cod and buying supply drops.

    • That’s the issue. If you genuinely cared about games the trend would concern you. If you were really a hobbyist at heart you would have companies you know that repeatedly put out quality work as opposed to waiting for an edgy trailer and review before making your purchase. There is also a vast and discernable difference between charging for extra content and chopping up a finished product into sections or even slicing a full dlc in half to make twice the money. If that’s acceptable to you i don’t know how else to convince you otherwise.

    • The real way to get the best deal is buy the game a year or two late…all dlc is included plus some extra bonuses…but we know that wont happen as everyone needs it now, on a day1 a compromise has to be with the chopped up edition and buy dlc over time… Or…wait till no one cares for the game anymore and pay a fraction of the price for everything but be totally out the loop. My financial situation allows me to do the former so I dont mind it..but I do understand your issue with not releasing the “full” game upon launch.

    • I was actually going to go all in with Xbox one x despite all the bullshit. Mainly because I came into the game after the taking king expansion and though it sas D**n good, I had only heard of how bad the release was. But I’ve now canceled my pre-order based on Bungie’d decision to make 1 year exclusive for a console I don’t own or want to own, and they’re now even stating that they’re not confirming that it will run in 4k for Xbox one x.

    • You do know “bungie” wanted to give out the dlc for free right? But since they partnered up with activision, “Activision” wanted $$$ for each DLC.. so therefore bungee had to do what they were signed and contracted for.

    • Salvino F. Vincent no it didn’t it was the most repetitive game ever. Do a raid. Get the same gear at different light level. Do the same again till max level. Then what? F**k all to do. Story was s**t. Raids were boring after a while but the raids on destiny have not been beaten as of yet in my eyes by any other game

    • Lee Hutton just stop dude… Microtransactions, micro dlc, unfinished base games and pay-to-win do not belong in a AAA title with a AAA budget. Activision have more money than god, they dont need to add all this s**t to make money, people buy their games regardless. I highly recommend you smarten youself up and watch some Jim Sterling, Angry Joe or Pretty Good Gaming videos to get some perspective on this bullshit industry practice…

      And by buying this stuf you’re merely making the problem worse, not better.

    • “Worse than Ubisoft” lmao nah son. Division and For Honour had 95% of the player base die off by month 3. R6:Siege only recently started becoming big despite it being out for two years and the game is still s****y as f**k. Operation Health is a joke. Its almost reverting back into season one. But I digress. Point is the only real companies that should be worse than Ubi is EA and Infinity Ward. Destiny was super s***e in the beginning i’ll give it that though.

    • Not the annoying die hards. Some of them never play anything else.

      After all the issues with Destiny I don’t know how anyone is excited for more before it’s even released.

      I ain’t going anywhere near it until it’s released and can see if they’ve fixed stuff.

    • I’m not really hyped about anything right now except Farcry 5, but i’d be getting that regardless of any pre info. Me and Bas always have such a laugh in those games.

      Not even hyped for Assassin’s Creed and that’s probs my fav franchise.

    • Well every Destiny player will play Anthem.
      If you hated Destiny you will also hate Anthem. They both loot base shooters. They will both involve replaying and farming the same missioms and bosses over and over again.

      You will hate Anthem all the same. I bet my life on it.
      But Destiny players will love Anthem. Its a other loot shooter.

    • Complains of boring grind game then mentions farcry 5 when farcry 4 was the most boring game I’d ever had to grind until ghost recon wildlands come out. Assassins Creed was also your favourite franchise? Remember the same 4 missions then boss in number 1?

  5. If i were all of you Fanboys and girls i would keep my expectations very low , i love Destiny , have 3 k hrs paid for every DLC but the truth is that every time Bungie hypes up something the end result doesnt match the hype ,Still enjoyable content but never lives up to the hype , just saying keep it realistic

  6. I am okay without rez i just hope all classes are more balanced i love it when players say titan are the master race titans are the most overpowered part of the game it dont take much skill to run a striker titan with unstoppable and shoulder charge i doubt any of those players would do near as good with a Hunter and have proven it tons of times but it seems someone at bungie favors titans the most

    • Agreed. The Warlock matched it for a while in storm trance, but they changed it in one of the updates, so it was much weaker. I’m more impressed when people use the hunter and can blade dance through enemies. Anyone can be a striker. Your last part about someone really liking titans reminded me of how it is very clear that Scorpion is the favorite in every Mortal Kombat game. Not only is he featured as the winner in every trailer, his moves are super easy and he has no limitations. He has distance moves, up close moves, and a teleport. Almost no other character is as perfectly rounded as he is.

    • Jason Pierson scorpion is always the winner in the trailers because its tradition, i wouldn’t call scorpion op as such though, just easy to learn, i actually find it more of a challenge to fight an experienced sub zero than an experienced scorpion

    • Mate your insane warlock is the most o.p. class in destiny and has been favoured ever since year one. Losers with the ram and a ridiculous melee which constantly saved them when they do run into trouble. I agree striker is o.p. I’m the current meta but to be fair when hammers was awesome for the titan they nerfed the s**t out of it. Yet the ridiculous warlock melee, the ram, and stormtrance is a joke also lost count of the times I get killed by a stormtrance only to respawn and get killed by it again.

  7. Hopefully it will be a improvement on the waste of money that was destiny if so ill buy it in time but tbh there a hell load of better games above destiny on my list before I consider it after the first game no way in hell am i jumping on it

  8. Destiny 2 literally looks like they have just re-skinned the old maps everything looks exactly the same as the first game no improvement really at all in the game a few more abilities and moves and that’s it be the same boring grind of a game as destiny was

  9. Thankfully I will not be wasting my money this time around I mean 4v4 crucible need I say anymore. I wanted more than 6v6 not less. It’ll just make the crucible experience more try hard than ever.

  10. Maybe im missing something here but destiny was class, granted I came to the party late (bought complete edition with level up on 360 digital) but even hitting lvl 40 in all classes kept me coming back..I like the grind,and I dont mind paying for dlc thats just how gaming is looking forward to d2

    • Dood my thoughts exactly ,I’m a mature gamer been on Xbox live since it started and I’ve never been so into a game for so long,
      Usually get right into something for 6months or so then something else comes along and but nothing has taken me away from Destiny and there’s been some good games,
      Also I’ve built up an amazing community of people I meet up with on a regular basis , a lot through LFG

    • I’ll be having both.

      Why you have to pick one or the other? That’s dumb. Maybe stop paying for hookers and blow and you could buy more than one game every two years.

  11. Sorry bungee, the game is £45 for pretty much a prologue, the content to make the game work as originally advertised will be another £85. You really p****d off a lot of people doing that the first time, this one will be a flop

  12. Can’t wait I’m a day one Destiny player,400 in all classes (which honestly isn’t that hard now)
    If you don’t like the game fair enough stop hanging around Destiny forums like a crazy ex waiting to pounce in and criticise ‍

  13. Haha so funny how all these Destiny haters are the ones still following the game and commenting instantly on these post with how they won’t be buying it. What’s the point guys, why not unfollow this game you hate and play and follow one that you love? Or is this the only game you still play even though you hate it?


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