Destiny 2: The Verdict

So, this is what I think about Destiny 2.

The game’s been out for a few weeks, the hype has settled, and people have played the game to s**t. Except me.

I was excited for Destiny 2 to finally become a reality. I even threw out my plans of buying it on PC and preordering it on console so I could play it sooner. I wanted this game to be awesome. And you know what?

I was really let down.

I spent the first week playing through the story, and I got through it after a few days of playing when I had the time. I remember how Destiny’s first story felt kind of underwhelming and Bungie took a lot of cheap ways out, but Destiny 2’s story just feels like nothing happened.

All of it, the traveler being trapped, the Speaker being taken, the light being siphoned to Ghaul, it didn’t really impress me at all. It just felt like another DLC had come out and now we had another butt-hurt villain to complain about the guardians and their powers. And what about those powers? They were supposed to be taken away in this game, we were supposed to lose everything and build it back from the ground up. Did we get that experience? No, we got three missions that take you back to the same traveler shard and has you fight waves of enemies with unlimited light fueling your new subclass that you unlocked. But that isn’t all there is, because Bungie threw in some holographic statues that stand as symbols of what each subclass represents. You can stand idle and listen to the narration go on and on, but there’s a game to play, there are things to do…or maybe there aren’t

This brings us to my next point, the activities. After you finish all of the story, what are you left with? Well, you have the standard stuff like strikes, the crucible, the nightfall, raid, but in addition, you also have activities that are disguised as both missions and patrols at the same time! And they even feel all the same!

Even now, I haven’t even touched a quest or an adventure or even replayed a mission in the past couple weeks. I just haven’t felt like going through all the content that I just got finished going through just a few weeks before. Is it more content to play? Sure, but it’s just doing the same missions over and over again every time a new week begins. And you get all the same loot from pretty much every activity (except for the raid and nightfall obviously) you get a token or two and maybe a weapon or a piece of armor that is leveled below you (at least when you get past the 265 soft cap). That’s also why I don’t go around and search for lost sectors, because they all give the same d**n things, and with the tokens, it’s just another way to grind for gear.

And the nightfall and raid don’t really add much, other than a thing to do when you’ve done everything else. I’m not saying they aren’t essential, but they’re not enough to carry the game very far past max power. After that, there’s nothing that’s really worth doing, it’s time to wait for the first DLC.


Wow, I couldn’t even get through everything I had in mind today. Well, I’m sure there are plenty more opportunities to keep talking about Destiny 2, the internet’s favorite punching bag right now.

But I guess what I’m trying to say is that Destiny 2 was a letdown. Is it a bad game? Well, I don’t have enough time to explain it all, but, no. I’ll get into that later. Destiny 2 is just a sign that Bungie really has no idea what the community surrounding this franchise wants, kind of sad if you think about it.

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