Destiny 2: the Soft Level Cap

Let’s talk about Destiny 2 again…

More specifically, let’s talk about something that’s been sort of making me furious for the past week. Let’s talk about how this game levels you.

The game is fine, the game is good, this is nothing against the game itself, it’s just something that I’m not sure I like. It’s fun playing this game, leveling up, it’s satisfying how you get gear tailored to your level that also lets you gradually increase your power level, letting you get to that point of ultimate power where you feel invincible.

But that hasn’t happened to me yet, I’ve been stuck at a certain power level for a while now,

The level 265 soft cap

If you’ve been playing the game, you probably already know about this, in fact, you’ve probably already experienced it and moved past it, but for those who aren’t in the know…

Leveling up beyond level 20 works about the same way it did back in the first game, you get better gear and weapons that affect your power level, anything above 200 is above max level, the max power is 350. And since you finish the main campaign around the time you reach level 20, you still have 150 power levels to climb, meaning plenty of play time. Normally you’ll be getting more and more powerful gear as you progress, but once you reach level 265 everything kind of stops.

See, for some reason at level 265 there is a soft cap on the gear that you get, and from then on every time you get a rare or regular legendary item, it’ll be at 265, thus preventing you from progressing. Once you get to around level 280 you’ll be good, but I’ve been in the low 270s for a while. Sure, you can get the mods for your weapons and armor, but they’re hard to find and can only take you so far. I just can’t get out of it.

Well, I can get out of it, but there’s a catch.

See, there are a few ways to get gear that is above 265, but you either have to get an exotic engram or do clan activities to get legendary clan engrams. And those are the simple ways, then you have the option of doing the Nightfall, or trying to go through the Raid. I haven’t been finding many engrams, and I don’t have a team of people to do the Raid or the Nightfall with, so until the guided games feature comes out, I’m screwed.


Despite how much this frustrates me, this might be a good thing for the game.

I mean, going through the campaign doesn’t necessarily take an eon, you can get it done in a couple days if you’re just using your free time, so the main part of the game is going to be what you do after that.

Sure, power level 350 is up there, but adding in the soft cap at 265 might have been a good/cautious move on their part. It forces the player to continue grinding for the rarest weapons and armor and even setting it so the best option to get these items is to play the end-game content, the Raid and Nightfall. Though I don’t like game developers telling me how I should be playing their games, this was a smart move guiding players to view all the content in the game if they want to make it to the max level.

Good job Bungie.

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