Destiny 2: More Content, New Mechanics, & No Orbit Loading! Woo!

Ok, so there was a live stream today, during which many details were revealed about…


We actually saw a lot of footage today, cinematic and gameplay, which is why I’m here today telling you about it.

First off, if you thought Destiny one was a little sparse in terms of story, gameplay, characters, then you will be pleasantly surprised with this next game. The way they’re making it look, Destiny 2 is going to be a full-fledged improvement over the first game. There’s going to be more story, more missions, more characters, more cut scenes, more weapons, all of it. There’s just going to be more. And more is good, the first Destiny fell short in a lot of aspects purely because it didn’t seem like they were fully developed to their fullest potential.

Not only is there going to be “more”, there is also going to be a lot of “new”. Yeah, they’re changing some things game-mechanic-wise to improve your overall experience in-game. For one, they’re getting rid of the old weapon loadout system. Where before you had three slots, one for Primary, one for Secondary, and one for Heavy, now you will have spots for Power weapons, Kinetic Weapons, and Energy weapons. Power weapons are not unlike the old Secondary weapons we’ve grown to know and love, like sniper rifles, fusion rifles, and now grenade launchers. The Kinetic and Energy weapon slots will both hold the same kind of weapons, being most likely the primary weapons like hand cannons, pulse rifles, and scout rifles. Whether those weapons will be combined with guns from the heavy weapon category, I don’t know. More will be revealed in time.

On top of the new loadout system, there are also new Ultimate moves for all three types of characters: the Warlock’s Dawnblade, the Hunter’s Staff, and the Titan’s Shield.

The Dawnblade sounds like something straight outta Skyrim, but what it does is actually more awesome than the name. When you activate your Ultimate, you will draw the sword and fly up into the air, you will have the ability to float in the air and send slashes of fire hurling towards and destroying your enemies. The Hunter’s Ultimate is Arcstrider, where the Hunter pulls out a staff, and not unlike the Arcblade, goes and f***s some s**t up. You’ll be pulling off some awesome acrobatics as you crack the bones of every enemy you meet. You will be unstoppable. The final Ultimate is the Titan’s shield, which is a literal shield that the Titan equips and he can use it to block enemy fire, slam enemies in the head, or throw it Captain America style and obliterate all who surround you with this glorified boomerang.

Remember the planets that we were allowed to go on in the first game, well there are going to be even more planets and moons we’ve got free range over. New planets include Nessus, Io, Titan, and a new area on Earth called the European Dead Zone which we didn’t see in Destiny 1. On top of that, you won’t even have to go into orbit anymore, because jumping to another planet, and doing a mission, can be done right from in-game. I don’t know about you, but I’ve probably spent a year of my life waiting for the loading times in orbit.

All that is great and all, but what about the Story? I said that the story is more present, but I didn’t explain what it actually is. Well, as you may already know, we’re fighting this guy, Ghaul. Now, Ghaul is the Cabal Red Legion’s Commander, he comes to town and since he wants the Traveler’s light so bad, he takes it. Yeah, he takes it, he completely wrecks the Tower (which was featured in the gameplay), and he takes away all the Guardian’s light. Now, what happens when your main source of awesome power of all-mighty might is taken away? Well, quite frankly, you won’t be able to do s**t. You’ll be all be incapacitated while you stumble around without a clue.

So far, we know of the one story mission, a three-person Strike, and a new Raid, which as Bungie put it, is a mystery to be unlocked later in the game.

Well, that’s the news for Destiny 2, what do you think? Still excited for the game? More excited? Leave a comment down below and like the post if you did!

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