Destiny 1.5

Destiny 2 has been out for coming up on a month now, and after playing the game for a substantial amount of time, there are some things that I have to get off of my chest about all of this.

What is Destiny 2?

Well, to put it as simply as possible, Destiny 2 was an inside job, Destiny 2 isn’t real. What is real? Well, you’re going to hate me for quoting the entire internet on this, but it’s true,

This is just Destiny 1.5

Truer words have never been spoken anywhere else on this planet. Destiny 2 by itself is not different enough from Destiny to have it be considered a sequel. It is merely a continuation of the experience we’ve been running through for the past three years, it hasn’t changed a bit.

Ok, well, the game actually has changed, we’ve got the new locations, the new weapons, armor, story, engrams, tower, farm, whatever. We’ve got all these new assets to stare at and be amazed at, but the core of the game still stands as the exact same thing as was released to us in 2014 and then tweaked a year later. Destiny 2 is Destiny. It feels like Bungie has taken rights to whatever the engine of this game is, and have us on a three-year contract. We’ve just had to renew our contract, but they threw in some bonus content for all the trouble. I’ll say it, it’s just not enough new content to warrant anyone considering this an actual sequel, it’s just a DLC pack that was introduced late.

And here’s the thing that I’m sure you all have realized by now, if Destiny had launched back in 2014 with all the cool stuff that Destiny 2 launched with, then we probably wouldn’t have had any problems with the game at all. Destiny 2 actually has a lot of fixes and features that definitely improve over the first Destiny without a single doubt. It’s just that I don’t know if Bungie just doesn’t know that it isn’t good enough to just introduce all these cool things after the fact, in the game that came after, because it’s true what people say: first impressions are everything.

The first time I played Destiny, I was absolutely amazed at what I was playing. Right here in front of me was a game that was centered around going around a map and killing stuff, you could level up and grind for gear and weapons, it was random, just a d**n fun thing to play. I played hours and hours of Destiny, and I often found myself constantly recreating characters because I just loved playing those missions in the beginning of the game, it was a reminder to when I first saw this amazing thing.

Now, imagine how much greater it would have been if all the bullshit that Destiny had at launch was fixed? What if they took all the features from Destiny 2 and put them in Destiny? I can only imagine that people would have been begging for a sequel instead of angrily typing on their keyboards late at night trying not to fall asleep.

And with that, I will leave you.

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