Could The Witcher 3 Be One of the Best RPGs Ever Made?

Kevin VanOrd recently published an article calling Witcher 3 possibly the best RPG ever. What a bold statement with games like Skyrim out there but reading through his article and watching the trailer, he may just have a point…

It’s the vast world loaded with architectural and topographical details that beg to be explored, and reveal new and interesting secrets. It’s the grotesque creature designs, with each monstrosity and curiosity looking more unusual than the last. It’s how those tough choices are woven throughout the entire world, and how those choices may not have obvious consequences. It’s how those same consequences unexpectedly manifest, bringing grief to Geralt and others even when the choice might seem “moral.”

All of these attributes combine to make the world of The Witcher 3 seem mysterious, deadly, and spiritual. This series has always had a lot to say, and with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt Red might finally be able to fully express its imagination.

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E3 2014: Could The Witcher 3 Be One of the Best RPGs Ever Made?

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  1. Polish vodka is also the best. And polish ladies. And polish bigos. About games… maybe they are, but fck games if you have the best vodka, ladies and bigos. Who cares then ?

  2. I got to admit.. Skyrim is the best rpg ever made. But its just soo different in a way because skyrim is the only one of its kind. It’s soo truely open world. But if we close our eyes to that for a moment. Witcher is one of the best storyline based rpg game out there in my opinion. I’m truely excited about The Witcher 3 🙂

  3. Tam kuźwa 😛 Na szybko pisałem i zapomniałem o ,,are” I napisałem ,,is” liczy się przekaz

  4. Weird how barely anyone other than us Poles admits that anything we consider our national treasures is the best,

  5. Weird how we are unable to be more objective and admit that our accomplishments are not the best. They are good but c’mon, scotch is way better than vodka, Dead Island was a very good zombie game but also a mediocre sandbox game. But yeah, Sapkowski is a genius. His style is definitely better than Martin’s style.

  6. Skyrim? Nope. Mediocre, wishy-washy story, which is a rip-off of Scandinavian legends, generic gameplay… But definitely something fresh and epic in scope. Witcher 3? How can we tell, we still have almost a year to the release date 😀

  7. We have nice girls, alcohol, or food, but our games (except The Witcher) generally suck. Polish players can’t admit that like many other things, it’s sad but true

  8. I rather enjoyed our Gorky 17 those few years ago. 😉 The problem is that we don’t have that many games, do we? And yeah, apart from Wiedźmin and Gorky (even though it sucks if compared to modern games) there is no other Polish game I’d recommend.

  9. Skyrim is another overhype s**t, and without mods the game is total s**t.i feel so sorry for console only has good story and its very small.85-90% of game time is side quests.if it weren’t for side quests you’d finish the game in 20-30 hours

  10. Kto jest szczęśliwy z polskiego producenta ? Who are happy from Polish producer CD Projekt RED ?

  11. actually it’s not.
    Skyrim is by far the best rpg ever made cause as a pal writes above it’s so truely open world, it’s like gta v for rpg in the other hand witcher trilogy and risen are closer to cod or something like that for rpg.
    It’s up to each gamer what he prefers cause when it comes to graphics and all that it’s a really close call


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