Computer’s Performance A Little Foggy? Take Your Gaming To The Cloud!

Gee, I’m really glad that we have the internet.

Where else would I go to find out about awesome things I never knew existed?

Well, for this one I might just have my head in some hole, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

What am I talking about? Well, PlayKey of course.

Have you ever been a PC peasant, unable to scrape together a thousand dollars for a gaming PC? Have you ever been stuck with the same laptop for more than four years, while the hard drive turns to spaghetti and the RAM grows legs and walks away?

Then PlayKey just may be for you.

Check Out PlayKey Here

PlayKey is an online service that, through the magic of Steam keys, gives you the awesome ability to play a game you bought off Steam through a streaming service. Meaning, your computer isn’t doing any of the heavy lifting, with graphics, processing, all that jazz. The work’s being done by the cloud…or more likely a more powerful computer uploading to a server and bouncing it back to you in real-time.

Did you know this existed? I mean, I’ve thought of this concept before, I just didn’t think that it was feasible enough to actually work large-scale as a service. I mean, if I’d known about this s**t like four years earlier, I wouldn’tĀ have spent so much time figuring out the best configuration for my laptop to run Team FortressĀ 2 smoothly. Team Fortress 2! It’s not even a graphically…whatever. Back to the topic at hand, this service really does something incredible for the gaming community.

So how does PlayKey work? Well, the business itself is based around its servers located in Amsterdam, London, and Frankfurt. Meanwhile, the headquarters is stationed in Russia. They don’t have any servers in the US yet, but if it gets popular enough, I can see that happening.

You can play one of 150 games supported by PlayKey, and it can be done easily by purchasing the game through Steam or buying it through PlayKey itself to cut out the middleman. The games available to run through the service include titles such as GTA V, Skyrim, Bioshock: Infinite, Overwatch, and much more.

There have been other cloud gaming services who have tried with all their might to break into the business, but what separates PlayKey from the others, is that PlayKey is succeeding. A big reason why other companies have failed is mostly due to the intense strain on servers. PlayKey has optimized server runtime, meaning that they can run up to 20 different game sessions on one server while also providing multiplayer support.

This is really a sign that we are getting closer to developing an entire database of everything we would ever need. Yes, I know the internet exists, but there will come a day when we will cease to need any form of storage, and all technology will connect to one database spanning the entire world, making them able to do basically anything with the push of a button, having everything happen in real-time.

Coincidentally, that will also be the day that microchips get implanted into our brains and everything will be accessible with the blink of an eye.

So what do you think about PlayKey and other services like it? Do you think it’s a viable alternative to gaming PCs? Or would you rather have the hardware with you? Would you want something like this to come to the US?

Leave a comment down below and like the post if you did!

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