Classic Games Selection Isn’t Virtual Console

Classic Games Selection

I won’t lie, this entire week has basically had me hanging out and playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on my friend’s Switch, and it has been pretty awesome. Why am I mentioning the Switch? Classic Games Selection…


Nintendo recently came out and said that they’re going to do something different with their Nintendo Online Subscription Service by introducing a brand new benefit. Classic Games Selection (not the final name) is going to allow subscribers to have access to a library of classic Nintendo titles that you can play any time for as long as you want. You own these games until you stop paying your subscription, and that’s pretty cool.

Is Classic Games Selection Going To Mess With My Purchases?

What about Virtual Console? Can I still buy old titles for my Switch?

Classic Games Selection

Well, Nintendo’s already come out and said that the Classic Games Selection is by no means a replacement for the market we’ve come to know and love since the Wii. Rather, it’s just something extra for subscribers, just an added benefit for throwing Nintendo more money. It’s not to say that the same games in the service aren’t going to be available otherwise when eventually a Virtual Console for the Switch comes out.

And how great is Virtual Console, right? I mean, it’s almost Nintendo’s entire library of classic games, or just the best ones, that are all available to buy and download onto one device. And since Nintendo is completely self contained, it’s kind of the only option outside of buying all the older systems and the corresponding games to go with it (unless you are so inclined to go emulate them all in which case all the more power to you).

The thing about Virtual Console though, is that the range of games available only go so far as the Nintendo 64. Though the service was created for the Wii which had GameCube disk support. But we’ve come a long way in the past…you know, decade that I think it shouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to actually bump up the era on the Virtual Console games. There are some pretty f*****g good games that were on that console, and some of them are so hard to find these days. And it’s not like the games are impossible to put up for download, I mean, they can’t be more that a couple gigabytes at most. If I could download Super Smash Bros Melee, Double Dash, or Super Mario Sunshine for my Switch? I’d throw all the money in the world at it, because those games are great. In fact, why stop there? Get the Wii games in there too, it’s been ten f*****g years, do something!

Well…I mean, the Wii games can stay put, but I think GameCube games really need to make an appearance on the Switch’s VC. Maybe that’s why they’re taking their time and not releasing it yet, they’re getting all the downloads in order. Who knows?

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