Cinematic Trailer Released – Toilet Simulator [Pay2Win]

Ok, so that headline is exactly the problem and I do have an agenda here… but WAIT stay with me; I promise, I’ll give you a toilet simulator!

We need to discuss a little bit of an ugly byproduct of the way we respond as a collective. Yes, we love us some games and the game industry definitely know how to herd us into buying their games but there are somethings that just need to stop. Watch the video below to see what I’m talking about because the Smosh Games crew got it PERFECT:

New rules for game devs:

  1. We don’t need fancy trailers for a badass game just give up some gameplay.
  2. We will play “Pay2Win” games until we have to pay for a basic necessity to level up.
  3. Simulator games… Are they worth making if we only play them for 30 min and NEVER touch them again?

I declare that we make them stick by these rules!

Or just forget all that… Here… Toilet Simulator:

Toilet Simulator Download Page

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What do you think? Did they miss anything?
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