Call of Duty WWII Zombies Reveal Trailer!

Do you hear the drums of war?

That’s what I hear every time I watch this new trailer for the Nazi Zombies game mode in the upcoming Call of Duty: Call of Duty WWII.

Yup, we finally got an official reveal trailer for the mode, and it’s actually pretty interesting.

You guys remember the original Nazi Zombies, right? Almost ten years ago now, the best (in my opinion) of the CoD developers, Treyarch, created this fun little mode that was only supposed to be a bonus map you unlocked after completing the initial campaign in World at War. But it blew up into something that nobody thought it would have. And here we are, four games later, and over 20 maps later, Black Ops 3 was the ‘conclusion’, so to speak, of that series. But you know, they’ll probably continue it in some form in their next game.

The interesting thing about WWII Nazi Zombies is that it’s not Treyarch, it’s Sledgehammer. Sledge was the third company to come aboard the CoD production train, with their first game being Advanced Warfare, which was the game that officially brought CoD into the future with jetpacks and all that s**t. The point being, only Treyarch has been able to make a successful Zombies mode, with Sledge trying in Advanced Warfare, and Infinity Ward trying themselves in Infinite Warfare as well. The game modes were kind of cool, but they didn’t hold a candle next to the titan that was Treyarch. They were the first, and the most successful with their original characters and organic story mode which almost basically started straight from the community.

But this trailer

I mean, I can’t lie, it looks pretty great.

You got the Nazis, with the classic evil German sounding guy, and you got the zombies, which look very detailed in all their rotten and undead glory. Visually, this thing looks pretty sick. And one thing to note about the trailer, it’s making the whole concept seem…how should I put this…creepy.

Sure, the original WaW Zombies had a creepy atmosphere to it, but eventually, it shifted from a horror mode to more of a fun, slightly story-lined, crazy, cooky, shoot fest. With the characters all hooting with laughter and enjoying themselves, and the wonder weapons freezing, blasting, melting, and even turning the zombies back into humans in one case! It was really the definition of a fan-favorite as it sometimes really pandered to fans of the horror genre (think Call of the Dead), but it didn’t outright try and scare the s**t out of you. It was more of a sci-fi adventure.

This looks like it could take the concept in an entirely new direction. I’m thinking that this may be less of a high-mobility, fast paced, game mode. What I’m thinking (and basically hoping) this game mode will be, is more of a horror experience. Yeah, it looks like there’s going to be a story tied in, but they’re going back to the roots of actual ‘Nazi Zombies’ and a…I guess, more realistic (heh) approach on reviving the dead, and the intentions behind such a feat. The evil German guy even says in the trailer that he ‘sees the future of the Fuhrer’, the death of the old world, and the beginning of a new one. I know I’d really like to see this take a darker turn to where you have to maybe more methodically think about your every move while you traverse a map full of zombies.

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