Call of Duty WWII To Merge Generations

Well, it’s official. The next Call of Duty to come out will be Call of Duty WWII.

I already have an article explaining why this is good and how Call of Duty may be returning to its roots and all that here.

But today I’m going to be talking about this topic some more, as I now have some more things to say.

The last time Call of Duty was set in WWII was nine years ago with World at War. At that point in Call of Duty’s lifespan, the game wasn’t terrible. In fact, it was actually pretty good. Back then there wasn’t so much the gaming community that we’ve come to know and hate over the past decade, the series was still respectable and fun. But after Treyarch made that game, it’s almost like a new generation started.

It only made logical sense (especially since Infinityward started doing the Modern Warfare series a year before) to move forward through time in terms of wars that we fought in. We went to the Vietnam war, skipped right over any modern war, and went right to the near future with Black Ops 2. Now, BO2 was not that bad of a game, however, it did start the trend that is finally ending after five years.

We’re not going forward anymore, we’re going back.

And like I said in my other article, that is a good thing. They even said, “we’re returning to our roots” they realize what they’re doing and they know that it’s a good thing. Why? Because they started out in World War 2 with the first few Call of Duty games. And those were the games that grew into their fanbase for Modern Warfare and carried over to current games. It’s not like they’re living off of the fame of their previous games, but more like their brand all together. The past couple Call of Duty’s are well-known disappointments among the community, so if Sledgehammer is willing to take one for the team and take a few steps backward, they could really revive this series into something that people would want to play again.

Can the generations join in glorious combat? Read On below…

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