Call of Duty – Taking It Back To WWII Roots?

Well, it’s about high time to get the edgy gamers hyped up.

I’m kidding of course, I would never anger such a sacred community.

Call of Duty is the topic of news today as a very interesting photo was leaked to a Youtuber by the name of TheFamilyVideoGamers. The image is supposedly leaked to him from an anonymous source, and it contained information possible pertaining to the next Call of Duty game.

This is supposedly the prototype for the steel casing that would hold the disk. I prominently features Call of Duty WWII on the front, back, and spine, and a shot of soldiers perhaps storming Normandy on D-Day. Activision has not confirmed or denied this leak yet, but if it is, in fact, not fake then Activision will most likely not comment on it until they reveal the next Call of Duty which usually happens in April or May.

But enough about the picture, what’s really interesting here is that the Call of Duty brand could possibly be going back to their roots. If you didn’t know before, the first few Call of Duty games up through 3 were all WWII based until the fourth game came out. But they didn’t stop after Modern Warfare, the concept lived on through Treyarch who made one last game in the era, World at War, in 2008. But Treyarch isn’t making this next game, the newest kid on the block, Sledgehammer, is. The last CoD Sledgehammer did was their first, Advanced Warfare. Which makes me wonder why they decided to go back in time, Advanced Warfare was the first game to implement the infamous jetpack/exo abilities that have been in the last two CoDs. If there’s anything I would expect from them it would be to keep cranking the clock forward, seeing how much it can turn into Sci-fi by the time they reach the era where the universe dies. I don’t know why they would go back now. Well, I might have hunch or two about it.

Can the past of the future be the future of the future? Umm… or something. Continue to the next page for more about what Sledgehammer brings to the table…

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