Call of Duty Movie In The Works To Expand Franchise

Oh, boy! We’ve got another video game movie coming out! And the best part is, it’s going to be about….uh…Call…of………Duty…? Really? Seriously Call of Duty?

My reaction when I saw the news that Call of Duty, of all things, would be getting its own line of movies I grabbed my head and sighed. My first thought was,

Seriously? Has this not gone far enough?

But ok, ok, I’m getting a bit too far ahead of myself here. Let’s examine the information we have and then I can complain about it.

So Activision Blizzard is going to make a series of movies based on the ever popular but increasingly cancerous video game franchise that is Call of Duty. What really makes this interesting is that they said that they’re planning on developing a “Marvel-Esque” universe forΒ some of the events that happened in the previous Call of Duty games. So that apparently means that we’re going to have a decade of movies that eventually overlap in storyΒ and characters. The way they explained it was that there will be a movie that more like the world of Black Ops, and then there will be movies based more on the events of the Modern Warfare series. However, these movies aren’t simply going to rehash the campaigns from these games, they’re going to be alternate storylines based off of the real storylines that run in the games. They’re not going for a direct adaptation here.

To me, that kind of sounds stupid. I mean, when I hear the words “not direct adaptation” I think of every movie that was based on a book or a video game and think of all the dumb creative liberties they took while making it. They take the underlying concept and then change it, sometimes to the point where it’s just like a poor parody. But perhaps this won’t be the case in these movies since Activizzard said that these movies are going to be produced in-house as opposed to letting a third party do it like what happened with Warcraft which was massively successful while still being a heaping pile of crap.

Want to know more about the plans for this film? Read on soldier!

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  1. Get ready for a movie with people running on walls and 360 no scoping. Better give it a movie rating, G. Only 11 year kids that are hardcore gangsters that bang your mom, will watch this garbage.

  2. They should keep the story line like they did with the games starting from call of duty world at war all the way through call of duty Black ops 1 n 2 n 3 tht would be sick az f**k

  3. *Incoming TL;DR*
    I’m no fan of CoD, but if Infinite Warfare came out with a different title than “Call of Duty”, didn’t showcase Activision behind it’s publishing, and had a different company leading it’s creation, there’d be a lot of people playing it, right?

    It’s simply because of the reaction the public has thrown towards Call of Duty for releasing another futuristic title rather than going back to “Boots on the ground”, (which I definitely think they should, mind you.) that Infinite Warfare is truly hated on. It’s purely the stigma that Call of Duty has created as a whole when it comes to the direction that they decided to take with their decisions of “Jetpacks” in 2014, and so on…

    It just goes to show how much a massively negative influence a game can have, if “Call of Duty” is part of the title displayed.

    I mean, we can’t lie and say that we wouldn’t like to see a Call of Duty movie revolved around the MW series. I’m not advocating for it, but if they somehow pull off the movie, being revolved around just the story mode of MW2 and MW3, I may (keyword: MAY) enjoy it.
    Let’s not forget that Infinite Warfare’s campaign, (if ignoring that it’s called “Call of Duty”) has been one of the most visually/graphically beautiful and grittiest Campaigns in a CoD game to date. The planets, especially, were stunning. (Had the opportunity to play it in the past. It was a Birthday present from Dad, who has no knowledge around CoD’s rep. Spare him, as he also got Skyrim: SE. Lol)
    But I’m NOT saying it’s better than the others, like the Godly WaW and MW campaigns, but I’ll admit having full freedom whilst flying the space jets was pretty d**n neat, if I do say so, myself. It was very action packed and had me at the edge of my seat flying that ship that was probably created off of an idea taken from a CoD developer high on LSD…

    Just trying to give a civilised and unbiased review of what “could be” and what “has been”, that’s all… Let us remain constructive, if we may. *shrugs*
    But as far as CoD goes, as a whole, it is dying as a franchise. They do need to move on or come up with an actual fairly debatable plan to get people back into the game.

  4. A movie about noobs, camping, and rocket launchers? That actually sounds awesome! Lol i know it would be more than that, but that was the first thing that came to my mind.

  5. If they wanted to make a movie about Call Of Duty they shouldn’t make it about the game. They should make it about the people that play it. What if some terrorist took over a Las Vegas hotel that was hosting a huge COD tournament & a bunch of punk kids from a clan that never met in real life have to use the “skills” & teamwork they learned from years of playing multiplayer. They acquire some weapons & take the bastards down in Die Hard esque style story. Other wise it’s going to be some GI Joe type bullshit

  6. 1. I only played the campaign for Cod games since Ghosts. BF and Titanfall are far superior.
    2. Rouge One was a story of “off screen back up guys” and stands as one of the best SW films.
    3. A film based on MW2 could be bad a*s.
    4. Infinite Warfare had one of the best campaign in a CoD game for some time.
    5. Quit b******g


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