Call of Duty: Black Ops 3? Could it be True?

Call of Duty Black Ops III
Call of Duty fans, rejoice! Just in time for Easter egg season, some recent posts on Call of Duty’s Snapchat have suggested that Black Ops 3 may be in the works.

[Updated 04-10-2015] Black Ops 3 Confirmed for THIS Year! Click Here

Call of Duty fans were surprised on Monday when they found that console versions of Black Ops 2 had performed an update. Considering the game released in 2012 and multiple Call of Duty games have released since then, the update was not expected by most gamers. As fans began to search for the update, they found that the game had not changed in any significant way, which led to the inevitable Easter egg hunt.

As players began to investigate further, they began to discover what appears to be Snapchat’s logo hidden in posters throughout the game, which is easily viewable through a player’s scope. Why would Snapchat’s logo be on the posters? Come to find out, it isn’t just the company’s logo. In the backdrop are an array of what appear to be randomized pixels, but they are actually much, much more than that. The strange image is actually a friend request code, which can be activated by a player once discovered.

Once a player activates the friend code, they are directed to a brief video which depicts a strange eye, a forest, and a single tree. The light around the trees in the forest appear to make three very prominent lines, which could also be the Roman numeral for the number three. Call of Duty fans have interpreted the video as a vague reference to Black Ops 3.

Earlier in the year, Activision released another clue about the game’s release. The company stated that they were expecting another Call of Duty release in fall, which was being developed at their Black Ops studio, Treyarch. Between this announcement and the video on Snapchat, it is becoming more and more evident that Activision may have another Black Ops installment in store for their loyal Call of Duty fans.

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