Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare is REAL

There are a lot of concerned hardcore COD players out there that do not like the fact that the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare game is based in the future. This is mainly because the weapons available in the new game seem science fictional. Well I’m here to tell them, “Calm down, soldier!”

The weapons in the newest installment of Call of Duty are actually based on reality, the advanced technologies are not just theoretically possible, some of them actually exist! The game is set to come out in November so hopefully that’s enough time for Activision to set the story straight and make sure the word gets spread! The studio heads for Sledgehammer Games talk all about what the game is going to be all about in the following interview:

So that was a little bit of art imitating life, what about when life imitates our favorite form of art, video games?

How about a photon cannon that’s aimed and fired with an XBox 360 controller? Yup! Thats a thing… The United States Army is working with Boeing’s defense and security division to develop a laser cannon of evil-villain-like magnitude and it’s about to get an upgrade!


Check out this story, recently published by Eddie Makuch at GameSpot explaining all about it.

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