Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare, Destiny, And Gamestop All Out War!!!!


So here we go again with another blackmail from Activision and Gamestop forcing you to buy a game that you might not even want. The gaming industry is trying so hard to influence how we buy and what we buy it’s getting out of hand. Tell me you don’t get tired of their special bonuses?

No wonder why console gaming is on the decline people are getting sick and tired of being treated as dollar signs and not fans who actually love the game. The war they are fighting is against you and how much of your hard earned money they can squeeze out of your pocket,  just so they can project sales and profits before the game even hits the shelves.

I even like The Call of Duty franchise but this is going to far in my opinion. Forcing you to buy Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare to get an exclusive Level 20 Legendary Blacksmith Armor Shader.

Hopefully the corporate clowns of the gaming world will start to realise that they need to start putting the gamer first instead of our pockets!

Gamespot has the low down below on what you need to do to get the bonus.

The Blacksmith Armor Shader is an in-game item that will apply shades of gun metal gray, bullet brass yellow, and metallic silver to your character. To get the goodie, you’ll need to preorder Advanced Warfare before September 21.

If you preorder Advanced Warfare online, you’ll receive a code for the Destiny item through email, and if you reserve the game at a physical store, your code will be printed on your receipt.

Everyone who preorders a copy of Advanced Warfare will be automatically upgraded to the Day Zero version, which, among other things, allows you to play the game a day early. For more on Advanced Warfare, check out GameSpot’s previous coverage.

To read more about the exclusive shader head over to Eddie Makuch’s post at GameSpot.

We will keep you posted on more Destiny and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare; until then don’t forget to like us on Facebook or Twitter for more updates on awesomeness!

What’s the best gear you’ve gotten from an exclusive like this?
Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. You can cancel the pre order and it’s stupid how it says put the gamer instead of the wallets it’s stupid they want money that’s why they make games just shut up and get a real job and stop complaining if u like both games then it works for u if not then don’t get the armor as simple as that

  2. Haha “forcing you to buy a game you don’t want” its a bonus you get, and its colors for your armor. People will b***h about anything.


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