Breakaway’s breaking away

First the bad news:

Breakaway’s development is going on hiatus.


Amazon felt like they need to take a step back and rework some things, mainly having to do with the game’s core mechanics. Core mechanics…when you hear that, you just know that they ran into some serious problems, so much to the point where they’re starting to second guess the actual game.

But hey, I can’t judge, they didn’t say anything really specific, just that they need to rework them. But in the meantime, I thought I’d talk about the game and my personal opinion on it. So, cue the headline:

What is breakaway?

For those of who aren’t in the know, Breakaway is Amazon’s first attempt at creating a video game that will appeal to the mass PC and Twitch streaming market. And you gotta take a look at this game because it literally seems like Amazon played a bunch of popular competitive arena multiplayer games, and Frankenstein-ed it into their own concept. Breakaway is a third person League of Legends style brawler that takes the ball objective from Rocket League and the base building of…base building games. You have a variety of characters to choose from (classes) and much like Overwatch, it seems like Amazon is planning to release more characters as the game’s development continues.
So now you have a general idea of the game, and now I’m going to tell you why it might just work.

I looked at the trailer, saw the gameplay, and what I saw was actually more interesting than any of the other games that Amazon ripped to create this concept (well, Overwatch is still better). The game looked like a cross between League of Legends and Overwatch with the goal of Rocket league, but instead of having an overhead view, you have a level third person view, and instead of simple movement mechanics, you can run and jump around like a Brawler should let you. Visually, the game works out, it looks like a morph of LoL and Overwatch, cartoony but not overly.

But the thing that impressed me most about this game wasn’t the gameplay, or the graphics, or the mechanics, it was how it took from every other game around it and created something that looks like it could be fun. But will it catch on? Lawbreakers is a popular example of a game that entered the market while it was way too oversaturated with games of the same nature, that and the release date was during the summer when fewer people want to be playing video games rather than going outside. Breakaway isn’t like any specific game, it’s a mix of the genres, and that might allow it to slip through the cracks and become something popular. To me, it looks like a better version of League of Legends that I would actually want to play, adding in movement mechanics that don’t make me want to kill myself, a standard objective, this could be something.

It’s just unfortunate how they’re taking a step back for now, but I’m excited to see what’s to become of this unique venture that Amazon is on.

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