Beyond Gaming: Augmented Reality is Changing the World

Remember what I said about VR and AR and the Hololens and how society will benefit?

It already is.

The primary use of the headset in this video is for spine surgery, where they use Microsoft’s Hololens tracking to determine placement and alignment of screws in vertebrae in open spine surgery. The headset calculates these values and provides guidance with position and angles by showing vectors of your movement and where the screw should be locked in. It’s like a laser guide for surgery. This will allow for a smaller chance of s******g up, as well as decreased chance of radiation, providing an overall better outcome.┬áBut it doesn’t stop there, they’re also using the Hololens’ overlay to project images in the background like X-rays and data so you’re always aware of what’s going on with the surgery, and the patient.

This is a video featuring SCOPIS a leader in “medical mixed reality” as they put it, where a surgeon wears an AR headset that helps him perform with more preciseness during surgery.

This is the kind of thing I was talking about when I was discussing how the future could be shaped by video game/new media tech development. Here Microsoft has made a device that will no doubt change the face the face of media and socializing as we know it, but in the meantime, this technology will be going to an even better use alongside many of the world’s most crucial occupations helping people narrow the gap between judgement calls and cold hard data. As humans, we can only perceive and do so much while combating our self-aware moral tendencies, bringing a computer into the mix helps sway one side or another in terms of what the best outcome could be.

Combining computing technology with a morally centralized decision maker composes a team ready to conquer almost anything, of course, the person using it will have to have complete knowledge and improvisation techniques associated with the technology. In other words, the surgeon will have to know everything about how the Hololens works so he knows the limitations and what he needs to take charge of instead of the computer. Bringing technology in is always risky because no matter how exact the machine is, it was still built by the same beings who want it to be failproof: humans. There is always a risk that the Hololens will fail in some fashion thus possibly s******g up the whole operation.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world where things can be exact, there’s always going to be a catch that you just have to avoid running into. Of course, bugs that make the whole system go boom could be either easy to find, or impossible until you see the aftermath. You always have to be prepared for the worst, which is what surgeons nowadays are already taught.

I guess the conclusion here is that this is a big step in how technology affects the world large-scale, but with any new thing we must ease into this like we’re stepping on razors in a cotton field, you can never let your guard down. Will this technology eventually erase the need for a human to be present? I don’t know, but what I do know is that the world should not stop educating people in specialized positions, there is still a huge need for people like that to exist. Maybe once we figure out the secret to making a perfect machine will the world finally become a single robot-ruled society.

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