Because I’m Batman! Well… on June 2nd, I will be!

The cinematic action adventure “Batman Arkham Knight” has a release date!! The costumed vigilante will be hitting shelves on June 2nd!

Of course we can’t leave you without some gameplay footage:

We have been following this new Batman game since E3 covering the batmobile,  new game play and even the preorder bonuses and playing the previous Arkham games I’m sure that all fans will get exactly what is expected out of the game. (yeah right) haha!

With a game like this, we must look to the critics, there has been so much hype built up for such a long time that what fans are anticipating might not be what hits shelves. has reported that Batman Arkham Knight has 68,363 pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 in the USA as of August 23. The Xbox One version has 39,751 pre-orders.

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