Awesome Changes in Destiny 2 Raids?!

I’m nearly p*****g myself with excitement!

I know that we talked about Destiny 2 just recently, but I didn’t get to cover all the stuff that was revealed to us about the game.
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So why am I p*****g myself? Because Bungie actually realized something very important about their game: They were literally blocking off a big part of it. How? One word. One tiny, little, word:


Bungie has announced that they are going to be changing up the Destiny 2 Raids so to let you browse a list of partial groups in a raid lobby, and join a group that needs players. When a group is created, they will be seen by all solo players searching for a group. The solo players will take a look at the clan, and it’s limited description about who they’re looking for, and decide whether or not to join the lobby. This is so that the Raids are more friendly to solo players, as before if you tried to solo a Raid, you were in for an awful time.

Want some more details on the new match making system? Then read on…

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    • I would like to say, yes I did write the wrong number of people that are in a raid, however, that is no reason to heckle the effort. It was my mistake, and it’s really the only factual error I’ve had thus far. I will be sure to get things absolutely right going forward.

  1. Hopefully theres more variaty of style and looks for raid armors (not just different colors) cuz eventually everyones gonna look the same in end-game…

  2. It’s really not like Blizzard really had a choice, Activision probably said, “We are putting Destiny 2 on Battlenet, since you already have the infrastructure in place” and Blizzard, being owned by Activision said “Uhhhhhh Okay”

  3. Desting lfg sites are so easy to use and there are almost always people on there looking to raid. I hate when people complain about not being able to raid bc of matchmaking. Use an lfg site like EVERYBODY else…

    • Or you could use LFG like everybody else, where you can see an exact, quick description of the raid groups / individuals and what they are looking to do, and message them there and then for an invite…

    • The point I’m trying to make is that the feature should already be in game. I shouldn’t have to go searching off the game. It’s like putting in an online feature, but having you find a person online with a passcode who’s willing to let you use it. It makes more sense to have it already.

    • I agree using LFG is not hard at all considering i never ran with the same raid group more than once. But at the same time lets say hes not what your looking for . Who has the power to kick im sorry but no one wants to carry in raids.

    • You shouldn’t have to use LFG it should of been built in. Although it does concern me after playing GTA Online and trying to do their Heists where anyone could join. It was a nightmare with nobody communicating

    • Yeah but I’m pretty sure there was even a Lfg app so just post on ya phone and do a strike. Then add those players to ya friends. Destiny was the game who I just added everyone and soon there was always enough online. But stoked for matchmaking makes it a bit easier. But raids were never impossible.

    • The point is that a game which cost millions to make and had years of development has absolutely no excuse to not include some kind of LFG tool. Instead of sending you outside the game and the experience, to continue the game.

    • NO ONE, should have to use an out-of-game resource to be able to play their games, matchmaking for raids should have been available from the get go.
      Player reliability is a completely different issue.

    • Matchmaking simply would not work for Raids. You need complete communication in order to complete them. I agree, they should have implemented an lfg feature in game but throwing a bunch of random people together would be complete chaos.

    • 80% on forums sucked. We needed two for a quick raid (had already run like 10 people through) requirements were having a sleeper. That’s it. Kid joins and says “nah but I got s word of crota” gtfoh.

    • Yeh honestly i end up leaving the group because majority have attitude like this and you all think your sick at the game when in fact you suck amd the guy your blaming things going wrong us probably the better player out of anyone

    • Idk, i used to have good luck with lfg sites but not after ROI. Too many people are trying to do too many different things to find a group that wants to do the same thing. Xbox Clubs is what I started using though and I’ve had great luck with it. All that aside though, there really should be something in-game to accommodate that.

    • The people saying yes matchmaking it’s not gonna be what u think it is. You will still get kicked from groups. The people that complain now about off are the ones that didn’t take the time to level there characters out or didn’t go get the weapons required. People are there to get raids done quickly not to carry people that don’t wanna put the effort forward. I took plenty of newbies through the raids Along as they had the weapons and could follow directions

    • Already know whats going to happen. Those of us that have experience with the raid and/or have more experience than others will continue to use LFG sites and the matchmaking will be filled with players that dont know what they are doing and have no mic. Matchmaking will not be effective lol

    • Lfg is so d**n time consuming though. Posting, waiting, messages. An integrated system will definitely ease the pain of trying to find a group. I didn’t read the article yet, but from watching the d2 reveal, I don’t think is a full blown matchmaking system at all. Just makes it easier to group up and then possibly find a clan to consistently play with

    • If you’re able to screen players before they join you’re group in this matchmaking system then I’m all for it. However, if it’s just tossing a random player into your party and forcing you to play with him/her then that’s a terrible idea because more often than not it’ll be someone who has no idea what they’re doing and/or someone without a mic who won’t be communicating.

    • Yeah with LFG two things happen. One: you encounter elitist a******s demanding that you have a hundred raid completions, all raid emblems, have this this and this weapon. And two: you form a fireteam of your own and after one or two failed tries, a few leave.

    • Should be in the game. Alot of ppl didnt know about lfg. I didnt find out about it until the second raid was out, and that was just by chance. Also alot gamers are rather antisocial. Thats why nobody has a mic even tho all consoles came with a headset.

    • The only people that complain they can’t do a raid because they can’t find any friends or people to play with are people who never actually played in MMO’s before yes there’s lfg site, and communities or the equivalence of if you play on Xbox. But Bungie was actually smart about it because while they didn’t include matchmaking they did include a clan system. now if you’re part of a clan and you still don’t have anybody to do the raid with, then that’s your fault for choosing poorly on the clan your in.

    • Thank f**k for that haha 🙄 no more of that must have maxed gally, 10,000 grimoire, have fought and killed a camel in a fist fight in real life bullshit.

  4. Can’t believe all they have upgraded is matchmaking and made so you don’t have to go to orbit other than that graphics have not improved from three years ago and the classes look worse

    Again instead of rewarding a loyal fan base they s**t on them again. Destiny 2 with the s**t load of money destiny made should have blew people away instead it just looks ok more like a dlc or an expansion than anything I’ll wait till about a year till after release and get everything in one bundle and get more stuff than the people that have played since day 1

  5. Now are we getting 1 raid at the start then a single raid every dlc or are we getting more than 1 cause doing the same raid over and over gets a little repetitive don’t mean to sound rude but they final did good having all the raids even if we have done all them already but your not limited to one

  6. Gotta love all the people that b***h about matchmaking for raids after going on and on about how well LFG and clans work. Well, if they work so well, just keep using them. No one said you have to use the matchmaking. Go to your LFG and get your raid on. Problem solved. And the ones that wanted matchmaking get to use it finally. There see? Easy. Now stop b******g and enjoy the game.

  7. See I’m still very on edge about D2, I enjoyed 1 immensely for a fair while but things held me back (finding raid groups content getting stale and feeling p**sed on when two DLC’s were just Backwards versions of areas we had been too,) D2 looks to be correcting a lot that was wrong with D1 and fingers crossed it’ll be fun to play.

    • Don’t get it. Just wait for Anthem later. If destiny 1 p****d you off, it looks to me at least that it will never be what it promised. A fun game but there’s better ones to play now.

    • Jason Nolan yeah my list of wanted games is sitting at around 14 so far and D2 isn’t on it. I’ve got one in September 1 or 2 in Nov and 3 in Oct so maybe come Christmas if I like what I see hear and read review wise I’ll get it for Xmas otherwise I’m in no rush.

  8. Destiny 2 is doing this so people would stop using LFG, because LFG is getting thousands of hits per day.. and it’s not really connected to Bungie. It’s making MONEY! Activision can’t have that!

  9. Switched to PS4 so it’ll be a different crowd for me considering I used lfg on Xbox frequently to find good raid teams. hopefully it’s not hard at all to get people to play with on Sony.

  10. They said 50 percent of people who got to level 20 never did a raid. Maybe it’s because they just didn’t want to play the game anymore. I’ve done hundreds of raids and 90 percent of them were done with a off group. I don’t think that was ever a problem. This is their answer to matchmaking

  11. Well if they are short 1 player let em fill in.
    Many a time I’ve seen “vets” get schooled by “noobs” with low level yet get butthurt and boot them when they get showed up.
    Regardless how high you are don’t make you better than others.
    If you want a team one should also have a good team mentality.

  12. I like this concept a lot, and it’s not just for finding a raid group, it will also be a beacon to possibly recruit people with likeminded views and playstyles to your Clan which will help to ensure the next time you want to raid, you’re not starting the whole process of finding a group again. If you want to remain solo, then you will still have the freedom to do so. Another thing about it is the convenience factor of being able to find a team within the game. I’m all for it and can see this being a great move. It’s s****y that so many people weren’t able to get a raid win in D1 just because lack of a team. That’s a bogus reason to miss out.
    IF ANYONE ON HERE IS ON XBOX1 AND WANTS TO SMASH A RAID, THEN SEND ME A MESSAGE ON HERE AND I WILL SEE WHAT I CAN DO. I have a clan and quite a few friends that may be willing to help.

  13. Why does everyone act like so hard to find a raid. I go on lfg n within 5 mins or less I have a group. N I don’t wanna hear the your a newb thing that’s y people kick you cuz I’ve takin plenty of newbs along as long as they followed directions. And spoiler they will just kick you from the new setup too

  14. N it’s technically not match making the group puts up a post saying what they need and u click on it and they can pick you up doesn’t mean there going too. It’s not like your gonna click raid n gonna throw u in a group. The explained how worked on reveal and they never said it was full on matchmaking. Basically there version of lfg

  15. You’re confusing the concept. Guided Games will only work with clans, not impromptu groups of players. This news has been out for far too long for this article to be so inaccurate.

  16. I can’t help but agree with the topic at hand. While I was never alone for raids and the like, I do agree that many missed out on a very large part of the game due to the inability to find a group. (Whatever the reason) Sites like LFG were wonderful, but often riddled with some truly awful groups. Not necessarily awful people individually, but absolutely toxic together. I’ve been there myself. Booted for no reason, checkpoints grabbed then abandoned, in raids with groups of kids or even adults that have acted worse. I can see why people are excited about this feature. I have a regular group and we’ve beaten every raid more times than I can count. We’ve two manned Crota, four manned Oryx, 4-5 manned Atheon and Aksis. We’ve also had full 6 man teams. What I can say is this, it’s a wonderful experience having all 6 positions filled and taking part in every activity available. If Bungie is going to add features that make this possible no matter who you are, how can anyone be anything but for it? Game on guys and girls.

    • Ya no your absolutely right. My thing is and I find it funny is just bc bungie Is going to have it what makes people think it’s going to be any better? Bc I can almost guarantee you it won’t and will be just as bad if not worse matching people with random people that will leave or suck and get booted 5 pre made team already and be very strict on who they choose. And if to prevent that they don’t have a kick. Then you will get shity people that will abuse it and just go for a ride cause they can’t be kicked either way it won’t be some.magically great thing and work awesome like people expect.

    • Matt Friedman true, there will most certainly always be people freeloading, but to that end there’s always the ability to leave and regroup the fire team and try again. I don’t see Bungie being able to lock players into a fire team once an activity is started. (Unless of course they do something to the reward system to lock you out of rewards if you leave) I still see LFG or some variation being accessible. Third party sites of course don’t need developers permission to create sites like LFG, so there will always be options like that. With it being in-game, it may not be any better, but it will provide an outlet to people that don’t use sites like LFG for whatever reason. I personally don’t see anything negative coming out of it.

  17. What you could do is come and join the gaming community I am apart of and we have a dedicated team of people across platforms to help match people up and help get stuff done in destiny. This is what we do, we closed the gap that bungie missed

    We are SOKESTINY!

  18. Well some would use a LFG site if wasn’t all about people knowing all the steps ! I’m new to destiny and can’t seem to find a fire team to play with because of it!
    I’m a grown man and don’t take it so serious! I fail at it I try again . Don’t rage quit!!!

  19. Hahaha Activision failed to mention that they bought out Blizzard… It’s not because Blizzard loved Destiny it’s because the 2nd hand company that owns a portion of Destiny used Blizzard as it’s portal to make it PC compatible…

  20. Lol they didn’t fix s**t. Oh so you can do like a matchmaking lfg now. You think a pre made group or 5 or even 4 people are just gonna easily accept anyone. It’s very naive of bungie to think it’s gonna be that easy. People are still gonna be a******s and strict about who they chose and weapons/class and stuff like that. It’s not going to be just join and go. Bungie was taking things in a better direction over the expansions but everything in 2 is like a step back. They are so f*****g s****y and lazy at balancing oh let’s just make all pvp 4v4 and instead of weapon balancing just move shotguns and snipers to heavy and have 2 primary slots. It’s just so f*****g dumb. And I won’t even start on how lazy it is that all the classes got cool new subclass and with the arcstrider all they f*****g did was take bladedancer and give it a staff. Like as a hunter main that really really f*****g p****d me off. They really still have a lot they need to change and improve and more people need to be vocal about it so they learn how lazy they are instead of people just accepting it

  21. Atleast with lfg I can chose who I want the way they talking about destiny 2 if I need 2 players there is a possibility I may get 1 noob and 1 squeaker. My question is can I kick who joins my group? If not them this sucks a*s

  22. I have no problem trying the “random team option”. However, it doesn’t work out all the time. Once a awhile, I do find a few players that I can work with as a team member. Raids, well, this will be a hit or miss just as strikes goes.

  23. I’m not fond of the Destiny community. I’d rather Destiny have soloable options for Raids. Just kind of scale the difficulty to the number of players and level to highest level player, maybe even tweak the mechanics to work with the number of players.

  24. F**k people and their stupid crying! S**t I can’t even finish a raid with randoms because for one I only get to play once MAYBE twice in a week due to work and secondly everyone doesn’t want to take the time to explain changes or anything else that is relevant to finishing the raid. Hopefully all these c***s can grow the f**k up I literally had a team screaming at each other because it was a s**t run

  25. Bungie is like ubisoft. Both gouge their man fan base. Seeing how things went last time i will wait a few months and buy the expanded version of the game for 60 bucks while the cucks get an early start for the low price of rougly 200 dollars for the entire game. Even with my late start and happy wallet i will joyously s**t on anyone in pvp. This game isn’t dead because the concept of spending mommy and daddies money on a micro transaction dlc every other month scheme isn’t a big deal to most of you children.

  26. I all for matchmaking but Raids require a lot of communication and people don’t generally communicate in strikes so I don’t think it will be much different, also I believe the number of people who went to the light house is far much greater but you don’t see them adding matching making to trials, there’s no way I would use match making to find a Raid team

  27. Why do you have to join a group. Strikes are 3 persons, you start & are match made. Main raids you really need 6, yet ain’t match made. Here’s an idea. Match make them. If you have a part team, make them up as standard, just like the strikes. Should be made for everyone, not just groups. I can never do raids/or Osiris. Because I hadn’t the friends on at the same time.

  28. LFG was good, but im glad its going to have matchmaking. You’re a fool if you didn’t revognize a certain toxicity created by LFG and pretty much every d**n post having requirements. Some were reasonable, but most of the time it was a d**n nightmare. Must haves black spindle, must be a titan, must know all challenges, etc… thats fine 2 years down the road, but for people getting into the game late it created an exclusively that they could not match and kept them from a portion of the game.

  29. Have matchmaking for raids so we don’t have to rely on lfg websites….or make them do able solo. Stop with the repetition. Go to tower, go on 5 min mission go back to tower. Repeat 500 times

  30. Still not wanting match-making in Raids when it comes to- (wait for it~)

    Random players that don’t even switch to ComChat, right?~ (Not like we don’t f****n’ SEE that s*** when joining Strikes/Crucible!~ )

  31. Ive been using the xbox ones LFG and it works so well takes seconds to have a person in my fire team so i find this funny that this is such a big deal for destiny 2.

  32. I like that everything is in game. lfg is outside game. Adding people is outside game. Managing clan is outside game. Big win for me with the in game accessibility.

  33. Yes, finally they listen to the community.. still not buying it though. I’m still p****d they convinced me to spend 140 quid on that first pile of s**t. I’ll wait and buy it cheap in sales. Well hyped is taking on some of the load now though. It’s starting to sound like a proper mmofps

  34. Honestly I’m glad they did this I’ve played some of the raids but i couldn’t play all of them especially when age of triumph came out so gals this is going to be a thing


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