Assassin’s Creed gets an Educational Mode?

Assassin’s Creed is like a new set of stairs…

…every year.

But hey, sometimes those new stairs come with a new feature that makes you turn your head and say “well hey, that’s interesting”.

Well, let’s take a look at those stairs.

So I was browsing the net as I do, and I came across this article which said Ubisoft is currently developing a mode for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Origins that is only for what they said was ‘educational’ purposes only.

Yeah, so what happened was apparently they thought that the world they created for the next Assassin’s Creed was so great that it warranted becoming a sort of virtual museum, a window into the past through which you are able to see the every day lives of the ancient Egyptians. Or rather, the Egyptian NPCs that are littered throughout the map. And let me be clear about this, the educational part of this mode means that all combat is removed from the game. Meaning, all you can do in this mode is walk around the big open world that this game is supposed to have. No swan diving off the side of a pyramid and slashing a guy with your hidden blade, we’re learning here.

Officially it’s going to be called “Discovery Mode”, and it will also feature the option to go on guided tours with many of the NPCs that you will meet all over the place. You’ll be able to read all the facts you want about topics like the pyramids, the everyday lives of the Egyptians, their rituals, and more. It’s apparently something that Ubisoft has wanted to do for a long time, and if you consider the underlying concept of their entire franchise, you can pretty much see why. They take us to all these cool time periods, at some point you’ve got to have fun with it and acknowledge the history you’re referencing. I can only imagine that they didn’t do this before because development deadlines didn’t allow for it, but with the extra year they gave themselves it looks like they’ve put it towards an interesting end-product.

I don’t usually get excited for Assassin’s Creed, but this time Ubisoft is doing something that falls under a topic that I like a lot: creative programming. I love it when people create something, a game or otherwise, that’s “Just for the experience” so to speak. The game shouldn’t always be about the game, how good the game is, how good it looks, sounds, feels, tastes, whatever the hell. No, it should be about the time you had playing it. And while I don’t think this will be the end all way of learning about the ways of ancient Egypt, it’s a pretty cool thing to do with your game. Especially since they’ve been taking us to interesting time periods for a decade now, it’s nice to see them acknowledging what makes this game work.

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