Are YOU a Hardcore Gamer?

So you just picked up your favorite energy drink and sat down in front of your console with the smell of the pizza and your favorite topping lingering under your nostrils. You turn on your TV and power up your XBox and are ready to have a a real competitive session of Halo. You spawn and die within 2 seconds of joining the servers and with all the trash talk, you wonder, “How do they do it?”

Are you ready to join the ELITE?

What goes on in a normal day of a hardcore gamer?

What mindset do you have to have to be the BEST of the best?

The answer is below:

This was clearly a fun spoof video. Please play responsibly!
(A message from the Association to End Keyboard Violence)

– Niel DeSimone @

So, what kind of gamer are you?

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