Are you pre-loading Destiny? Or watching this new trailer?

If you preordered Destiny, it’s now available to pre-load on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

The pre-load has begun for all you PS4 and Ps3 and Xbox One owners. But unless you are going to be up at 3AM eastern or 12AM pacific on Tuesday  it won’t really matter. Now if they let you play like on Monday that would be pretty d**n cool! So for the most part you will be playing Destiny along with everyone else.

So while you are waiting to play your pre-loaded Destiny and happened to miss the live action Destiny trailer during the Seattle and Packers game last Thursday you can watch it now. By the way Seattle kicked a*s!

According to the PlayStation Blog, there are two way to start pre-loading Destiny. If you have “auto-download” enabled on your PS4 or PS3, it will begin downloading automatically by Monday. If you don’t want to wait until then, you can start the download manually by navigating to the Destiny game page on the PlayStation Store and clicking the “download button.”

For more information please check out this article on Gamespot or for more information on Destiny, check out our previous coverage, including our quick premiere for anyone who’s been living under a rock.

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