A Survival Game That Transcends Punching Trees

Survival games are an interesting, if not way overdone genre of game.

I mean, there are a lot of games that use the classic survival formula of punching a tree and slowly evolving from that point.

Yes, I did say “punching a tree” and I do mean Minecraft. Minecraft is a survival game, what else would it be? It’s the same as Dayz or Rust, but it just took everything down to the simplest form you could possibly put it at.

It’s essentially a children’s survival game.

But no, we’re not talking about Minecraft again, oh, no. We’re talking about a game that I have taken a great liking to over the past year and that also gives me an aneurysm every time I f**k up.

That’s right, I’m talking about…

7 Days to Die!

My personal favorite out of all the games that are essentially the same thing, but different.

Let’s take a look at that statement first, though. Are all survival games basically the same game? Well, kind of, mostly, yeah. They are. Basically, all survival games are about punching zombies and building bases. But one thing you’ve got to consider is that the survival genre is very limited in what variation can be applied to it. I mean, the whole point of the game is to provide the most realistic environment that you, the player, can manipulate to whatever your needs are. And since we don’t really have the technology to create a pixel perfect rendition of a manipulated terrain, we have to settle for using a grid to track everything. The problem with that is, we’re kind of stuck at using the grid until we create that pixel perfect terrain, thus we have many games that use this system because it’s really the only system that works. And with that being the case, a lot of survival games just give you relatively the same experience, but they try to change it up in little ways.

So if all the games are the same, then why is 7 Days to Die better? Well, maybe it’s not the mechanics themselves that make the game, but it’s the idea that makes the game.

See, you look at Minecraft, you look at what it was, a barebones survival/crafting game, and then you look at what it is now an overly complicated Lego table. The point of Minecraft was to be simple, and now it’s just gone in a direction that not only doesn’t improve on the game but somehow lessens the experience you have because at its core, Minecraft is a redundant game with little to show unless you go into creative mode and get into pixel art with wool.

H1Z1 is another good example, having all but completely stopped development of the survival, and put all focus on creating a King of the Hill mode which has nothing to do with the original game. They started focusing too much on the multiplayer and the base game has been in limbo for a couple years now.

Rust is a good game, I won’t deny that. But like H1Z1, they’re focusing more on the multiplayer functionality with co-existing and raiding, rather than the core of the game: survival.

What I’m trying to say is that 7 Days to Die is a survival game like any other, except it’s one that doesn’t require other people in order to be fun. I’ve played tons of hours just alone in the game, going around and looting, building up my base, unlocking new materials for crafting and trying to be the strongest person in that world. I’ve gone into multiplayer and f****d around, but I’ve realized that the game is only really fun when it’s kept small, especially so you don’t have random people jumping in and hacking your game because their d**k is too small to grasp with your pinky finger.

More than that though, the game’s development is focused on survival, and not on creating a hybrid survival MMO game. The extent of multiplayer allows others to join your game, and it gives you a block that claims the land around you. That’s it. I didn’t even turn on PvP because my friends and I thought it was too tempting. Much like in the real world, we’re all in this together, so we might as well work together.

Maybe the point about surviving is that there aren’t hoards of people trying to kill you and take over your base, it’s more about cooperation and co-existing between a small group. Think about that the next time you hear a hoard of zombies knocking down your base.

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