A Slew of News for Splatoon 2!

Free demos for games are nice

But for Splatoon 2’s free demo, you’ll have to get on it pretty quick. The demo itself will start a week before the launch date of the game, July 15, and will run for only about four hours starting 3 PM Pacific or 6 PM Eastern. The demo is already available for download, as trying to do that during the demo would be insane.

This demo is going to be part of the Splatfest Premiere, which is a returning theme to the Splatoon franchise, making players choose a side to fight for on a specific issue. The issue for the demo? Which is better, cake or ice cream?

Yeah I know, hard decision. But anyway, you can get ready for that while you wait for the actual game to launch on the 21st along with its mobile app which actually adds a lot of mobile functionality outside of the game.

During today’s Nintendo Direct podcast, they revealed more info on what exactly the app will allow you to do in Splatoon 2 right from the comfort of your palm, including the ability to track stats (like how much ink you’ve sprayed and your most used weapons and gear), see a stage schedule for map rotations, and even the ability to purchase new gear to use the next time you log into the game on your Switch!

Perhaps the most useful part of the app will be the function that will allow you to set up private matches, and also let you voice chat through directly through the app. The app will even split up players according to the teams they’re on, so it’s kind of like a mumble function for Splatoon, that’s kinda cool, huh?

The sad thing is that all of this will only be available for free use for the next year starting at the launch of the game, and only in a limited form, until 2018 when Nintendo’s paid online service launches. Earlier this month, Nintendo released more information regarding that service including a chart which shows exactly what will be available to subscribers and non-subscribers with regards to online functionality.

Looking at the chart, you can see that online gameplay, voice chat, Classic Game Selection (the ability to download a selection of classic Nintendo titles for free), and exclusive eShop deals will only be available for subscribers, while access to the eShop, the friends system, social media access, and parental controls will be available to anyone with a Switch.

Does this sound kind of dumb to you? I think it does too. I’m not sure why Nintendo’s choosing¬†now¬†to suddenly start charging money for online play, but it probably has something to do with the release of the Switch, and them finally trying to get on board with Microsoft and Sony who also have paid subscription services for their online functionality.

But I don’t think it’ll matter too much anyway, as the prices for the subscription are pretty cheap in comparison, with monthly subscription costing only $4, 3 months costing $8, and a year’s subscription only taking $20 out of your wallet. That’s definitely not a steep price to pay for the ability to wreck everybody on Mario Kart, it’s just Nintendo changing with the times.

All in all, your excitement for Splatoon 2 should be ever growing, as the launch date grows nearer!

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