A New Age of Virtual World-Building

Let’s talk about VR again

There’s a company out there, Linden Labs, that’s creating a new platform for VR experiences to be created by the community and put out there for anyone to walk into and enjoy. It’s basically a virtual world with avatars, multiplayer and social elements, that’s taking community development to another level.


Is being marketed as a “new platform for creating social VR experiences. Sansar will democratize VR as a creative medium, making it easy for people to create, share, and sell their own social VR experiences. ” And while it is being marketed for VR, there is the option of just using the good-old monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

Like I said above, it’s a platform that will let people create their own environments using programs like Autodesk’s Maya, and incorporating that with a little C# coding will let you build just about any object you want. There’s also a physics engine included so you can go crazy with that. These models and worlds you’ll be able to put on their virtual market where people can buy into the virtual currency and download your items (about $1 per 100 credits. For reference, basic clothing items are about 500 credits. Normal for micro transactions). And keep in mind, these things are being developed by individuals, so it’s the price that they’re willing to sell their hard work at, it’s not the company trying to get more money out of you.

There’s a Creator beta out right now that will allow you to do all this cool s**t for the cool, cool price of no money at all. Of course, that’ll limit your experience by only letting you have 3 worlds. Subscriptions for the game go from $9.99 a month which will allow you 5 worlds and a speedier customer support, all the way to $99.99 a month which will allow you 20 worlds and instant email, phone, and web chat support.

If it sounds a little like Second Life, that’s because it is. Linden is the company that developed Second Life, the most popular virtual world simulator out there today. They’ve also taken this idea to iOS with their other popular game, Blocksworld, which allows users to create custom models and worlds and sell them to other users in a virtual market.

But while both of these things sound cool, there’s something that Sansar sounds a lot more like, and you shouldn’t be surprised when I tell you–


It is, it really is.

Roblox is a virtual platform where users can create a free account or pay a subscription for access to daily virtual currency, and more available worlds to develop. It has its own studio which allows you to create simple 3D models and script them using Lua to create anything within the engine’s limits. It’s mainly a kids thing, but some pretty d**n impressive stuff has been developed on it, and I’d say it’s a great tool for anyone who’s aspiring to be a programmer to dip their toe into the experience.

Sansar is basically Roblox for the big boys, in fact, I’d say that Sansar is a great tool for anyone who is a programmer, self-taught or not. This platform could be a great way for people to create a portfolio of cool 3D models and programming to show off to companies in order to get a position. Looking at this, you could probably create a full-fledged video game!

In my opinion, this thing is going to be a greater tool than a social experience. Sure, the Second Life fanboys will lap this up, but this is something that should widen the demographic dramatically, I’m excited to see where it goes!

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