A Love Letter to Video Games: Entertainment and Advancement

The written word has become something of the past.

For that matter, so has the word by voice.

Where am I going with this? Well, today I’m going to be talking about forms of media, specifically video games (what, you didn’t realize this is a site about video games?). Over the span of human existence, there have been many forms of media that people have enjoyed. The winner for longest run goes to the written word, as it was the main way of recording events, communicating, putting down stories on paper, and different ancient civilizations had their own version of it. Eventually, humans evolved enough to invent the word by voice, or rather the radio which allowed for entertainment from a personality through stories and Ovaltine ads, this was a major jump in technology. Since then we have the silent pictures, which were quickly demolished by audible pictures, AKA movies.

So where am I going with this?

Games have also been around for as long as humans themselves, they’ve just never been associated with any of the other forms. See, when new media is developed, it usually builds upon something that’s already existed. That’s how we got the written word from voice, the telephone and radio from word of voice, silent movies from live sight, movies from combining voice and sight, and now we have come to the era of video games.

Video games are by far the most unique form of media developed to date, primarily because they take every other form of media from the past and incorporate them into something new. In video games, you have a written story sometimes with words on a screen, a visual representation of events, audio from voice actors and sound effects, and finally the last component that takes it to the next level: choice.

Choice is the element that really makes it all something special. With choice, you can do whatever you want within the boundaries of the physics in the game. With choice you have the ability to manipulate a virtual environment and, in a way, play god. That’s what really drives people to video games, the ability to escape the current reality and take control of a new one. You are able to do things you could never do in real life because there are no consequences from playing a video game.

People say video games are useless and worthless, but they’re really no better than any other piece of media out there. Video games are reading a book, watching a movie, and listening to the radio all in one. You are literally being bombasted with information to the max, if anything that would work your brain enough to improve function in certain areas. It’s even being shown in the world today, with video game elements being used in crucial areas of society. Manipulating a virtual environment is very useful for running simulations in scientific research which in turn help to predict certain things like the weather, planetary orbits, car manufacturing, and the like.

In conclusion, video games as we know them now are only so early in the evolution of something much bigger. In my opinion, the pinnacle is when we can create a perfectly simulated, down to the last string of energy, replica universe. Once we have the power to ultimately play god, we will have made it.

So that’s my insane rambling for the day, I got to go eat something.

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