A Guided Tour of The Destiny Universe

With Destiny just DAYS away from releasing, Activision has released a platform using Google technologies to guide you through 3 different alien worlds in the Destiny universe. You can walk through and see everything of importance on Mars, Venus, and our very own moon. below is a snapshot taken of mars:

Snapshot taken from Destiny Planet View
Snapshot taken from Destiny Planet View

On landing, we are brought right in the middle of what looks like crossfire. While this is extremely cool, this is not by any means a game. It’s just meant to give you a few known locations and a brief history of the planet as you walk through the “rail-like” path set for you just like Google Street View.

This seems great for a fanboy, but personally, having not played the game yet, it shortly lost my attention. Once I pick up Destiny, I would love to re-enter this guided tour and understand a little more about these locations and how the worlds came to be but for those of you wanting to explore, you can find Destiny’s Planet View by clicking here

Get more information on Destiny Planet View by heading over to Chris Pereira’s GameSpot post!

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