5 Things We’re Excited To See In Destiny 2!

I like to talk about Destiny a lot…

And I’ve already explained many of the reasons why. But why look to the past, when we should be looking to the future? I’m talking about Destiny 2, the upcoming sequel to the game that people either really loved or completely hated with every bit of emotion they could throw at it.

Today, I’m going to go through five things that we’re excited to see in Destiny 2!

1. The Subclasses

Now, while the subclasses were pretty cool in the way that they changed up what kind of ultimate ability you could destroy the Darkness with, that’s really all they did.

Sure, there were several skills that you unlocked as you slayed enemies throughout the solar system, but they largely stayed the same in each subclass. You could really tell what the formula was for the progression, you would get a grenade, a double jump, an ultimate, a change of skill focus, double jump, skill focus, skill focus, triple jump, skill focus… I mean, cmon guys…I want to see a little more originality here!

I’m hoping they mess with the stats a little more, and make each subclass a little more unique. Like maybe not make every class an “everyman” sort of thing, if you will. Like, when I’m unlocking these things, I feel compelled to use the latest unlocked skill, I mean, there’s gotta be a reason that strength focus is so far down the list, and speed focus is the first thing you unlock. And the grenades (while doing different kinds of damage) basically had the same visual effect, making it so going through the subclasses felt the same no matter what you did.

2. The Weapons

Bungie’s already come out and said that they’re not including the primary/special/heavy slots anymore. It’s going to be separated into Kinetic, Power, and Energy, with Kinetic being your classic primaries (auto rifle, hand cannon, etc.), the Power weapons being a combination of the special and heavy categories (rocket launcher, sniper rifle, shotgun) and the Energy weapons being any non-power weapon that also does elemental damage, meaning that it’ll basically be the same weapons as in the Kinetic category.

I’m hoping that this customization with your loadouts, letting you have more than just one main weapon to choose from, being able to adapt to the situation at hand, will allow you to change up your method of attack instead of just using one hand cannon and saving your alternative ammo for dire situations. I often found myself never using my special or heavy weapons because I didn’t want to waste my ammo if I needed it further ahead (like for the bullet-sponge bosses)

3. The Story

The first Destiny was really just more of an experience than anything else. It wouldn’t have been as bad as it was, if fans hadn’t been expecting a story, or if the game actually had enough launch content to make it a compelling experience.

Well, this time going around, Bungie’s promising a better story, featuring what’s probably a game-long explanation of what the ‘Light’ is, and what it truly means to be a Guardian. I’m hoping that this means more characters, more (meaningful?) missions, and more cutscenes. I never thought I’d ask for more cutscenes in a game before, but there were like three total in Destiny one, and they were pretty cool to watch.

While a game doesn’t have to have a story, Destiny created a world full of unspoken lore that everyone’s just dying to see spoken. They’ve gotta give us the info sometime, and since Destiny was kind of the first bit of penetration, Destiny 2 should have a lot more to offer in the way of a story.

Read On for the final 2 Things (then you’ll know all the things)…

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  1. They hype is all about money grabbing for pre orders on another stupid game. The first one was awful, and the hype made it worse. The more you hype this, the more disappointed you’ll be.

  2. People saying first was a dissapointment? How..choose a type, choose a faction, go to various planets doing as you wish, throw some fluff in for background, pimp out character…shoot some aleeums..what more coukd you possibly want?

  3. The 1st destiny is like a exclusive game to a niche crowd only for lfg’ers or ppl that have more than 2 friends that constantly play together
    It’s not for everyone only destiny lifers

  4. None of these help lift my worry about the possible lack of loot in the game. If weapons only ever get the same perks it means we’d be lucky if there are even100 guns in the whole game and only a handful worth actually keeping. Every body might only end up using the same 12 guns or so. Which would suck alot of the variety out of the game, especially in pvp

  5. I loved the first one! What I didn’t love was the RIP OFF C***S when they charge a ridiculous amount for each download then when the had their money they then made the collection with all of them for £11 straight after the m***********s! So now I won’t buy destiny 2 till they release the collection , go f**k yourself BUDGIE

  6. No idea who the heck you are since ur a suggested post but concidering i own a gaming group and no one has mentioned your site

    And concidering that you say *you cant avoid the hype* yet your the only one i seen in months mention destiny 2 and i fallow all the gaming pages sites and as stated own a gaming group

    Id say you guys are run by turds

  7. I played over 200hours on the first one. Yes there where lots of holes things that need addressing. If they take all the feed back properly and make a great game with more then 4 areas to go to that would be great. I would be happy with a proper matchmaking system as that was by far the worst part of the first game.

  8. I’d rather wipe my hole with three £20 notes than buy this. My copy of the first destiny is unplayable. I didn’t buy the newest content so the older content was disabled and I’m left with a few s**t playlists… Wasted money.

  9. I’m excited for 1/3 less subclasses, simplification of said remaining subclasses to make sure everyone is at the same setup. Pvp priority/ balancing and expanded cinematic cgi story between missions.

  10. Well unlike most of the comments on here I can’t wait for destiny 2. The team have listened to feedback from the first game, it’s that that I’m excited about. The story line sounds great, there’s a lot more content than the first game, and above all the focus is on having a great time with your friends, which is the main reason why I still play the first.


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