10 Problems Only Late Night Gamers Face

So I was romping around the internet as I do, and I came across a video that I wasn’t quite sure what to think about it.

Maybe cause I’m not a–


And I’m going to talk about each of the things and give commentary on it as well, enjoy!



So, if you’re playing Overwatch or League or what have you, and you happen to glance at the clock and realize,

“holy s**t, it’s 4 in the morning”

But you just can’t get off the game.

You’re winning game after game and you just can’t stop to eat or go to the bathroom…is this really a problem? I mean I understand that people like winning, but I don’t think I’ve ever really forgone sleep so I can keep a winning streak going. If it’s late in the night, chances are that I’m tired and I want to go to sleep. The worst thing I might do is play until I win, and then calmly pass out in my desk chair.

Maybe this only goes for high school students, who either have the choice of playing video games, going to school, or arguing with their parents.

9. F.LUX

I gotta be honest here, I have never in my life heard of f.lux until I heard the guy say it out loud. But fortunately, I did my homework and figured out that it is a software that controls the brightness of your screen depending on the time of day.

Is this something I’d download and use a lot? No. But for those who like being sleep deprived, I can imagine that this is one hell of a useful program that will no doubt save your retinas, not to mention your privacy from whoever sees the glow of a screen from beneath a closed bedroom door.


Ok, this one I can TOTALLY relate to.

Imagine you’re playing Civ V with some idiots that you call friends, and you’re getting really into it. Civ is engaging as it is, but when you get a group of five or more people, chaos starts to rumble across the land. I’ve spent many an hour up at night because I’ve just wanted to finish this turn…It’ll be fine after this next turn…wait, I wanna see if I build that wonder…I’ve gotta send my troops over to that city…

And for a game that takes 5+ hours to finish on a good day, waiting for one more turn isn’t going to get you much closer to quitting.


As I write this I have Monster cans littered around my room from how often I drink them in the morning. Hey, it’s quicker than coffee.

This one’s for the guys who are like “I’m gonna game all night!” so they go out and buy a 12 case of Monster or Redbull or Nos or whatever and drink until they p**s themselves. Think back to when you actually tried to stay up all night because it was fun, did you not get dead tired by like 4 AM? Did you drink any Monster? It may be easy to pull all nighters when you’re a kid, and even in high school. Now, I don’t really care about that at all, I need sleep if I’m going to get anywhere in life.


This one might be reaching just a little.

I remember watching something about a guy who stayed awake for 6 days or so back in the 30s, and by day 4 he was hallucinating spiders crawling on his feet. It’s going to take more than one night of no sleep to really hallucinate anything. On the other hand, if you have a pattern of playing video games instead of sleeping, sleep deprivation combined with a dark environment could cause your brain to almost think it’s asleep and hallucinations could ensue.

But I don’t see could function with that much sleep deprivation, are there really gamers that actually go that far?

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  1. A video by someone that admits they are not a late night gamer, commented on by someone that is not a late night gamer. Ok so am I surprised that this still read like a piker who’s never seen a 24hr gaming session. I mean jeez come on guys sure some of this is relatable but you could at least have talked to someone that is themselves a late night gamer.

    • Sorry you didn’t like it. We didn’t publish the video; we ran the article on it. There is more than one of us. I am a late night gamer, I was consulted, and I liked it. 😉 The author could have lied but there is nothing wrong with an outside perspective. 🙂

    • Not saying I didn’t like it, it just read a little bit short of the full experience to me is all, admittedly I have been known to push it a little bit far though so I should maybe concede a middle ground. I did agree on the author in regards to the hallucination part though, it certainly does take more than one night to get that happening, particularly for those used to pushing the boundaries of sleep deprevation.


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